Power Outage Caused by Remote Controlled Airplane

Big Bear Valley, CA, July 8, 2014 – Yesterday at about 8:30 am, many areas of the Big Bear Valley experienced a power outage that lasted approximately 30 minutes. This was due to a radio controlled airplane striking power lines in the Sandalwood area. When the plane struck the lines it opened a circuit which then shut down the power. In normal circumstances, the circuit would have closed again within a few seconds restoring the power. However, as a safety precaution during times of high fire danger, the circuit was set to remain open, allowing Bear Valley Electric Service personnel time to find the damaged line and make sure it wasn’t arcing or causing sparks. Things worked exactly as they were supposed to. When enjoying outside activities such as kite flying, radio controlled airplanes, or anything that involves aerial activities, keep in mind where the power lines are and if something does happen, notify the electric company or the fire department...

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Telephone Scam Strikes Big Bear

Big Bear Lake, CA, March 28, 2014 – Telephone scammers have been trying to swindle utility customers in Big Bear in recent weeks. Bear Valley Electric Service says several customers–mostly small business owners–have been called by people posing as BVE representatives. The callers try to pressure customers for their credit card numbers and other personal information to avoid having their power shut off. BVES Director Harry Scarborough says these types of scams have been increasing across the country, and added that his employees do not call customers with such aggressive threats. Any customer suspecting a phone scam should hang up immediately, call BVES to verify their account status, and report the incident to the Sheriff’s Station. If a customer believes they have been a victim of this scam, they can report it online to the U.S. Department of Justice’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force at StopFraud.gov....

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Donations Make Thanksgiving Dreams Come True

Big Bear Lake, CA, December 2, 2013 – Charity was alive and well over the holiday. One example–Bear Valley Electric Service (BVES) gave its usual 150 turkeys to the Elks Lodge, who distributed Thanksgiving food bags to local families in need. Each bag held the makings of a feast: including a turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, corn, green beans, and rolls. The agency has partnered with the Elks Lodge to provide the dinners  for over 10 years. As Customer Service Superintendent Gabrielle Medina said, “During this time of the year, we want every family to be able to experience the joy that comes with sharing a Thanksgiving meal with their loved ones.” BVES is a division of Golden State Water Company and distributes electricity to over 23,000 customers in San Bernardino...

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Energy Efficiency Means Cash

Big Bear Lake, CA, November 25, 2013 – Bear Valley Electric Service is giving its customers plenty of incentive to increase their energy efficiency, through its Business Lighting Rebate Program. BVES recently gave the Bear Valley Unified School District a rebate for nearly $18,900 to help offset the costs of installing new energy-efficient CFL lighting that will cut lighting costs by nearly 50%. In 2003, BVES and BVUSD replaced outdated school lighting from the 1950s and 1960s with more efficient technology. Ten years later, there is even better, more cost- effective lighting technology available, and it made sense for the district to upgrade. BVES Director Harry Scarborough said his agency  is committed to helping their customers save money “through programs that are good for their bottom line and the environment.” For most nonresidential customers, lighting represents one of the biggest users of electricity. More information on BVES Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs, are available online or call the Customer Service Center at (909)...

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Fallen Tree Causes Widespread Power Outage

Big Bear Valley, CA October 10, 2013 – The Big Bear Valley experienced a widespread electricity outage Wednesday night, due to a tree limb falling on a 34.5 Kv power line near the intersection of Park Avenue and Eureka Drive. At the time, the area was experiencing high wind gusts in excess of 50 mph and being blanketed with 2 to 3 inches of heavy, wet snow. The outage affected 25,000 customers for approximately 90 minutes. According to Karuna Warren, Operations Manager at Bear Valley Electric Service, crews were on scene by 7:45 p.m. and removed the branch with no apparent damage to the line. Service was restored by 8:41 p.m. Follow KBHR on Twitter for mobile...

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