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School District’s Budget Advisory Committee to Prepare Final Budget Cut Recommendations; Public Input Welcomed at Monday Meeting

Big Bear Lake, CA — Bear Valley Unified School District is poised to make another $100,000 in cuts for this school year, and needs to plan for an additional reduction of $880,000 in spending for school year 2010/2011, based on reductions in revenue at the state level. On Monday, April 12, the school district’s Budget Advisory Committee will cull their budget cut recommendations, which will then be forwarded to BVUSD’s Board of Trustees for consideration at their April 14 meeting. This Monday’s meeting, to be held at North Shore Elementary School (on Stanfield Cutoff) at 5:30pm, will be the public’s final opportunity to contribute input prior to the BAC’s final recommendations, so parents and interested community members are encouraged to participate. The Budget Advisory Committee is comprised of district staff Walter Con and Tim Larson, school board President Beverly Grabe, union representatives Alan Caldwell (for BVEA) and Bonnie South (for CSEA), school site representatives Tina Fulmer, Jeannette Haston and Pam Reames, and parent Mary Kelso; Superintendent Dr. Nancy Wright also participates on the Budget Advisory Committee, but in a non-voting...

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BVUSD Poised to Make Another $100,000 in Cuts for Current School Year; Full-Day Budget Meetings Scheduled

Big Bear Lake, CA — Bear Valley Unified School District’s second interim financial report was adopted by the Board of Trustees on March 17, and the district’s financial status was this week presented to the Budget Advisory Committee, which is comprised of parents, school district staff and community members. The district’s second interim financial report was adopted with a qualified certification, meaning that the district may not be able to meet its financial obligations for the current or two subsequent fiscal years. According to BVUSD’s Director of Business Services Watler Con, “This is the first time the district has filed a qualified report. What this means is that the district will have greater financial oversight from the County Office of Education and we, the district, will have to file a third interim report by June 1st. It must include a fiscal plan to restore the district to positive certification.” Our local school district, like all school districts in California, is legally obligated to perform a three-year forecast. Given massive reductions in funding, BVUSD is not the only district to drop from a positive to a qualified certification; as of March 22, State Superintendent of Schools Jack O’Connell notes that at least 114 districts are now in this position, whereas just 19 were on California’s qualified list last year. As of Monday, 12 districts were on the negative certification list,...

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Community Members Offer “Respectful, Passionate, Supportive” Comments to School Board at March 17 Meeting

Big Bear Lake, CA — Given this week’s pink slip notifications to teachers, mandated state-wide, last night’s meeting of the Board of Trustees for Bear Valley Unified School District drew a number of community members—including students. As school budget cuts, including staffing issues, were not on the agenda for the March 17 meeting, the school board was unable to comment, though was receptive to those who spoke to current issues, including the March 15 notices that were issued to 36 of 134 BVUSD teachers. According to Superintendent Dr. Nancy Wright, “Students, staff and parents were advocating for programs, teachers, their principals, and what’s important to them in their schools, which is having choices for programs, and to be able to be on a path after graduation. They were very respectful, very passionate and very supportive.” The action items on the agenda for the school board meeting covered the general business of BVUSD, though the Trustees did continue the discussion on the feasibility of a parcel tax, an idea proposed by Trustee Ken Turney during a November 16 meeting when budget cut recommendations were adopted. Per Dr. Wright, “The Board requested that the administration follow-up with companies that have conducted parcel tax elections, and ask them specific questions as we determine what the next steps are for pursuing additional funds for the school district. Administration will also contact two companies,...

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“It’s Heartbreaking”: 36 Teachers Affected by Yesterday’s School District Notifications

Big Bear Lake, CA — Teachers across the state of California received pink slips yesterday, indicating that their positions could be eliminated in the 2010/2011 school year. Of those nearly 22,000 employees of public education, 26.8 are from among the Bear Valley Unified School District which, at present, employs 134 full-time teachers. In a conversation with BVUSD’s Superintendent Dr. Nancy Wright, she explains, “There were 26.8 FTE, which means full-time equivalency, but the reduction enforced actually impacts 36 people—so 36 received notice from BVUSD on Monday. Of those 36, some may get a reduction in hours, but it will depend on the program and schedules. The final decision will have to be made by May 15. It changes hourly based on what the state is doing, but our staff is dedicated and very skilled in determining what our financial picture will be as we begin the new funding year in July.” Superintendent Wright goes on to explain that of those 26.8 certificated positions that may not return in the coming school year, some of those teachers may have reductions to, say, two periods or teaching half-time. “It will be a period over the next six weeks that will determine our enrollment,” she says, “as families are leaving or coming in to the district. We are developing the budget on the assumption that we will lose 100 students of our...

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Twenty-Six BVUSD Teachers Among Nearly 22,000 Receiving Budget-Prompted Pink Slips Today

Big Bear Lake, CA — Nearly 22,000 public school employees will be receiving pink slips in California today, March 15, and, of those, 26 are teachers employed by the Bear Valley Unified School District. Each year on March 15, school districts are legally required to notify staff if their positions could be eliminated in the coming school year. In anticipation of this deadline, on March 3, BVUSD’s Board of Trustees voted to increase teacher-student ratios in the 2010/2011 school year, per Budget Advisory Committee recommendations to address budget cuts; this decision, which was followed by a March 4 statement indicating the trustees’ “deep regret for the action they were required to take,” eliminates 15 full-time teacher positions at the elementary level, eight at Big Bear Middle School and 3.8 positions at Big Bear High School. In a statement issued by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell today, he says, “Our state budget crisis has forced districts to lay off thousands of teachers over the past few years. The Governor has proposed cutting another $2.4 billion from public education. While the education community opposes these cuts, our schools are forced to prepare for this potential outcome by issuing a massive wave of potential layoff notices. To date, 21,905 pink slips have been issued to teachers and other staff around the state this year. While I understand the Governor and...

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