City Council Endorses Ballot Initiatives, Approves Boulder Bay Park and Knickerbocker Road Improvements, and Will Look Into Bingo Payouts

The League of California Cities presentation before Council outlined the state's history of revenue cuts to local governments. Of the 91 initiatives proposed for the November 2 election, 10 of them are related to economic reform, including the Local Taxpayers, Public Safety and Transportation Protection Act discussed by presenter Nancy Cisneros.

Big Bear Lake, CA -- At this week’s meeting of the City Council of Big Bear Lake, the full Council supported a ballot measure for the November 2 election that would allow Big Bear Lake voters to determine whether they are in favor of a city charter amendment to extend Department of Water and Power Board requirements to all DWP customers, … [Read more...]

BVUSD’s School Board Expresses Their “Deep Regret” While Approving Pink Slips for 26 of 134 Teachers

Big Bear Lake, CA -- Of the Bear Valley Unified School District’s 134 full-time teachers, 26 can expect pink slips come March 15, which is the day that school districts are mandated to notify certificated staff members that their positions could be eliminated in the coming school year. This decision, to eliminate 26.8 teaching positions, was made … [Read more...]

BVUSD School Board Approves 2010/2011 Calendar and Is Poised to Move Forward with Union Negotiations

Big Bear Lake, CA -- The new school calendar, for Bear Valley Unified’s 2010/2011 school year, was approved at this week’s meeting of the Board of Trustees, and eight snow days have been factored in to the calendar for the school year that begins on Tuesday, August 3. The calendar also maintains the minimum day Thursdays for Big Bear Middle … [Read more...]

Public Input Welcome on School District Budget and Non-Marina Kayak Rentals; BVUSD and MWD Meetings on Thursday

Big Bear Lake, CA -- This week’s meetings include opportunities for the public to comment, one among those being tomorrow afternoon’s Budget Advisory Committee meeting for the Bear Valley Unified School District. In a conversation with the school district’s Superintendent Dr. Nancy Wright earlier this month, she told KBHR, “Because our … [Read more...]

City Council Prioritizes Local Needs for Community Development Block Grant Funding

Big Bear Lake, CA -- A host of local social service agencies and non-profits were in attendance at Monday’s City Council meeting, to make their pleas for federal funding through Community Development Block Grants, which are administered by the County of San Bernardino based on recommendations made by the City Council of Big Bear Lake. Prior to … [Read more...]

BVUSD’s Superintendent Dr. Wright: “We Need Input From the Community As We Take a Look at the Budget”

Given the challenges of cuts to public education, Bear Valley Unified School District is looking at ways to keep important programs in place while also maintaining teaching positions. According to the district’s Superintendent Dr. Nancy Wright, “The bottom line is our community expects a comprehensive education for our kids, and our students … [Read more...]

City of Big Bear Lake, CSD, MWD and Airport District to Receive Proposition 1A Receivables in January; Districts Choose Bond Option Over State Payment in 2013

Given the State of California’s fiscal crisis, municipalities and districts entitled to tax revenues were this year given the option of selling eight percent of funds due them. The option available was to contract with the Proposition 1A securitization program, wherein these districts could sell the future funds through the California Communities … [Read more...]

BVUSD Moves Forward With Painful Budget Cuts, Including the Elimination of Teaching Positions in 2010/2011 School Year

Budget cuts are coming to Bear Valley Unified School District, given a financial climate that deems a reduction in spending necessary for all schools within California, which currently ranks 46th in the country for financial investment in education (this per BVUSD’s Director of Business Services Walter Con, who also notes that pre-Proposition 13 … [Read more...]

School Board Scheduled to Approve Budget Cuts in Evening Meeting; Today Is a Late Start Day for BBHS Students

School district budget cuts, as proposed by Bear Valley Unified’s Budget Advisory Committee, will be approved in this evening’s special meeting of the district’s Board of Trustees. As outlined last week, budget cut recommendations offered by the BAC, which is chaired by new Superintendent Dr. Nancy Wright, included the increasing of class … [Read more...]

BVUSD’s Budget Advisory Committee Outlines 24 Budget Cut Possibilities; School Board to Vote on November 16

Since assuming the position of Bear Valley Unified School District’s Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Nancy Wright has also chaired the district’s Budget Advisory Committee, which has met 10 times since October 25 to discuss potential budget reductions, amounting to nearly $1.5 million through school year 2011/2012. As outlined by Dr. Wright for … [Read more...]