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Lighthouse Project Hosts May 5 Community Forum to Address Public Education Funding Crisis

Big Bear Lake, CA — In furthering their efforts to foster a child-honoring community, the Lighthouse Project is hosting a community forum to address opportunities to alleviate crisis for our public schools. On Wednesday, May 5, from 6 to 8pm, all interested community members are invited to participate in the forum at Community Church by the Lake (on the Boulevard at Knickerbocker in Big Bear Lake); the purpose of the forum, per the Lighthouse’s Program Coordinator Beth Gardner, is to marshal support for schools and children as we navigate through the current public education funding crisis. After a brief general session, attendees will be split into small, facilitated focus groups, the results of which will be shared with Bear Valley Unified’s Superintendent Dr. Nancy Wright. Participants will also have the opportunity to contribute to a videotaped message which will be forwarded to government officials in Sacramento and Washington DC. According to Gardner, “The children of our community have never needed us more. Because of our geographic isolation, it is imperative that all of our children have ready access to schools in the area that provide excellent programs and education to prepare them for their future. Their future is truly our future. On May 5, we hope to see a magnificent turnout worthy of our special community.” RSVPs are requested for this event; to do so, please call the Lighthouse...

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School Board Scheduled to Take Action on Budget Cut Recommendations This Evening

Big Bear Lake, CA — The Board of Trustees for the Bear Valley Unified School District has a big decision before them this evening, as they vote on budget cut recommendations from the Budget Advisory Committee. There are three plan suggestions on the table, in an effort to cut an additional $980,000 in spending for this school year and next. Plan A outlines salary rollbacks of 10-16%; the Plan B budget recommendation includes elimination of the GATE program, a reduction to Big Bear High School athletic travel, the elimination of athletic travel for the middle school, the elimination of intervention programs, reductions to maintenance and site budgets, and the elimination of the strings program, in addition to other items; and Plan C incorporates Plan B, plus additional layoffs for BVUSD personnel. This evening’s meeting of the school board takes place in the new cafeteria at Big Bear Middle School, and open session is scheduled to begin at...

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DWP, School Board and BBARWA Meet This Week, Among Other Agencies

Big Bear Valley, CA — This being the fourth week of the month, a number of regular government meetings are scheduled to take place. In addition to this evening’s City Council meeting and tomorrow morning’s San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board of Commissioners for the Department of Water and Power convene at 9am Tuesday; the April 27 DWP meeting, to be held at their offices at 41972 Garstin Drive, will include review of TRT Committee recommendations and a review of the draft budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Though not their regularly scheduled meeting, the Healthcare District Board meets at 6:30pm Tuesday for a business meeting, during which time the creation of a new Chief Operating Officer position will be discussed. On Wednesday the 28th, the Governing Board for the Big Bear Area Regional Wastewater Agency meets at the BBARWA facility in Big Bear City at 5pm. Also on Wednesday, the much anticipated meeting of the Board of Trustees for Bear Valley Unified School District takes place; the open session portion of the meeting, to be held at 6:30pm at Big Bear Middle School, is agendized to include action on budget cut recommendations. The Big Bear Municipal Water District also meets this week, for a special meeting on Friday at 9:30am, to conduct a special workshop regarding lake management master...

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Community Members, Including Students, Comment on Budget Cut Recommendations; BVUSD’s School Board to Vote in Two Weeks

Big Bear Lake, CA — During last night’s school board meeting, the final budget cut recommendations from Bear Valley Unified’s Budget Advisory Committee were presented to the five-member Board of Trustees, though a vote on these suggestions will not be taken until the April 28 meeting. Community members, including students from Big Bear High School, took advantage of the opportunity to comment during the April 14 meeting, campaigning for the continuation of the French program and in favor of saving teaching positions. Attendees also spoke both for and against across-the-board cuts, which is the Plan A presented by the Budget Advisory Committee. As finalized in their meeting of Monday, the BAC proposed that, to retain fiscal solvency for BVUSD, a salary rollback of 10-16% be implemented for management (which includes district administrative personnel and school site principals), in addition to the negotiation of a salary rollback of 10-16% for both certificated and classified bargaining units; this portion of Plan A cannot be mandated and, at present, negotiations with BVEA (the teachers union) and CSEA (representing classified staff) are underway and will continue into next week. The Budget Advisory Committee will be having another as-yet-unscheduled meeting to address some of the verbage attached to the reduction plans, though the specifics of Plans A, B and C have not changed. Should the school board opt not to go with the salary...

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BVUSD’s Budget Advisory Committee Recommendations To Go Before School Board; Decision to Be Made on April 28

Big Bear Lake, CA — The Board of Trustees for the Bear Valley Unified School District meet this evening (at 6:30pm in open session), and though they are not agendized to take action on the final budget cut recommendations of the Budget Advisory Committee, these proposals will be presented. As the school district needs to make an additional $100,000 in cuts for this present school year, and another $880,000 from the coming school year in order to remain fiscally solvent, the Budget Advisory Committee drafted a few choices for the Board, which will be voted upon during the school district’s April 28 meeting. The Plan A, as presented by the BAC, is a salary rollback of 10-16% for management (which includes district administrative personnel and school site principals), and the negotiation of a salary rollback of 10-16% for both certificated and classified bargaining units, for a total savings of at least $1.4 million and as much as $2.2 million. Per the statement issued with Plan A, the BAC says, “As a result of much passionate community input, the BAC decided this plan should be the first choice plan as it promotes what is best for students and staff. We understand this plan requires challenging negotiations and we believe potential results to be worth the challenge.” Should Plan A not be adopted, budget Plan B includes a reduction to Big...

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