Lighthouse Project Hosts May 5 Community Forum to Address Public Education Funding Crisis

Big Bear Lake, CA -- In furthering their efforts to foster a child-honoring community, the Lighthouse Project is hosting a community forum to address opportunities to alleviate crisis for our public schools. On Wednesday, May 5, from 6 to 8pm, all interested community members are invited to participate in the forum at Community Church by the Lake … [Read more...]

School Board Scheduled to Take Action on Budget Cut Recommendations This Evening

Big Bear Lake, CA -- The Board of Trustees for the Bear Valley Unified School District has a big decision before them this evening, as they vote on budget cut recommendations from the Budget Advisory Committee. There are three plan suggestions on the table, in an effort to cut an additional $980,000 in spending for this school year and next. Plan A … [Read more...]

DWP, School Board and BBARWA Meet This Week, Among Other Agencies

Big Bear Valley, CA -- This being the fourth week of the month, a number of regular government meetings are scheduled to take place. In addition to this evening’s City Council meeting and tomorrow morning’s San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board of Commissioners for the Department of Water and Power convene at 9am … [Read more...]

Community Members, Including Students, Comment on Budget Cut Recommendations; BVUSD’s School Board to Vote in Two Weeks

Big Bear Lake, CA -- During last night’s school board meeting, the final budget cut recommendations from Bear Valley Unified’s Budget Advisory Committee were presented to the five-member Board of Trustees, though a vote on these suggestions will not be taken until the April 28 meeting. Community members, including students from Big Bear High … [Read more...]

BVUSD’s Budget Advisory Committee Recommendations To Go Before School Board; Decision to Be Made on April 28

Big Bear Lake, CA -- The Board of Trustees for the Bear Valley Unified School District meet this evening (at 6:30pm in open session), and though they are not agendized to take action on the final budget cut recommendations of the Budget Advisory Committee, these proposals will be presented. As the school district needs to make an additional … [Read more...]

School District’s Budget Advisory Committee to Prepare Final Budget Cut Recommendations; Public Input Welcomed at Monday Meeting

Big Bear Lake, CA -- Bear Valley Unified School District is poised to make another $100,000 in cuts for this school year, and needs to plan for an additional reduction of $880,000 in spending for school year 2010/2011, based on reductions in revenue at the state level. On Monday, April 12, the school district’s Budget Advisory Committee will cull … [Read more...]

BVUSD Poised to Make Another $100,000 in Cuts for Current School Year; Full-Day Budget Meetings Scheduled

Big Bear Lake, CA -- Bear Valley Unified School District’s second interim financial report was adopted by the Board of Trustees on March 17, and the district’s financial status was this week presented to the Budget Advisory Committee, which is comprised of parents, school district staff and community members. The district’s second interim … [Read more...]

Community Members Offer “Respectful, Passionate, Supportive” Comments to School Board at March 17 Meeting

Big Bear Lake, CA -- Given this week’s pink slip notifications to teachers, mandated state-wide, last night’s meeting of the Board of Trustees for Bear Valley Unified School District drew a number of community members—including students. As school budget cuts, including staffing issues, were not on the agenda for the March 17 meeting, the … [Read more...]

“It’s Heartbreaking”: 36 Teachers Affected by Yesterday’s School District Notifications

Dr. Nancy Wright joined BVUSD in October 2009, when this photo was taken at her welcome reception in the new BBMS cafeteria on her third day. Since joining the school district, she has spent much time with students. "I have talked to students," she told KBHR this morning, "and they are passionate about their education, and they are concerned that their younger brothers and sisters will not have some of the choices they've had. And they are concerned about what their future will look like if their education is reduced or not as comprehensive."

Big Bear Lake, CA -- Teachers across the state of California received pink slips yesterday, indicating that their positions could be eliminated in the 2010/2011 school year. Of those nearly 22,000 employees of public education, 26.8 are from among the Bear Valley Unified School District which, at present, employs 134 full-time teachers. In a … [Read more...]

Twenty-Six BVUSD Teachers Among Nearly 22,000 Receiving Budget-Prompted Pink Slips Today

In November 2009, school board members Randall Putz and Beverly Grabe (pictured here with Superintendent Nancy Wright) and fellow trustees adopted the 24 budget cut recommendations of the Budget Advisory Committee; one of those recommendations was to increase class sizes at all grade levels.

Big Bear Lake, CA -- Nearly 22,000 public school employees will be receiving pink slips in California today, March 15, and, of those, 26 are teachers employed by the Bear Valley Unified School District. Each year on March 15, school districts are legally required to notify staff if their positions could be eliminated in the coming school year. In … [Read more...]