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School Board Approves BAC’s Plan B Recommendation, Amounting to Nearly a Million Dollars in Cuts

Big Bear Valley, CA — Though it is not yet a done deal, the Board of Trustees for the Bear Valley Unified School District did implement additional cuts to school programs in adopting the fiscal year 2010/2011 budget on June 23. The Board adopted the budget as it was presented to them in a June 21st budget workshop—and this includes the Budget Advisory Committee’s Plan B recommendation, one of three that received much discussion during the school board’s April 28 budget meeting. As outlined in the Budget Advisory Committee’s Plan B and adopted, an additional $930,000 in cuts will be made to BVUSD; this includes the one percent pay cut taken by classified staff and management, the freeze on certificated staff’s step and column advancement, and seven furlough days for all three groups, amounting to salary reductions of 4½ percent. Additional reductions included in Plan B are as follows: a $55,000 reduction in routine maintenance for BVUSD, $20,000 reduction to school site budgets, a $38,000 reduction to Big Bear High’s athletic travel budget (from what had been $86,000), the elimination of BBMS athletic travel, elimination of the strings program, elimination of the intervention programs (amounting to $200,000), elimination of board stipends, reductions to adult education and the high school exit exam program, the elimination of GATE and two other programs, and a $20,400 reduction to the professional development budget....

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CSD, School Board and BBARWA Hold Meetings Week of June 21

Big Bear Valley, CA — East Valley residents will have opportunity to provide public comment on the fiscal year 2010/2011 budget of the Big Bear City Community Services District this evening, as the June 7 meeting of the CSD Board had been adjourned due to lack of a quorum. The district’s investment policy and a proposed resolution, to have delinquent trash and water service fees placed on the tax roll, are also on the agenda for this evening’s 5:30pm meeting, to be held at the CSD offices at 139 E. Big Bear Boulevard in Big Bear City. Other meetings of this week include the already-noticed meeting of the Bear Valley Unified School District’s Board of Trustees, scheduled to review the budget in a 5:15pm workshop this evening (June 21). The 2010/2011 budget is scheduled for school board adoption on Wednesday; open session for the June 23 meeting at the school district offices on Moonridge Road is scheduled to begin at 6:30pm. Also on Wednesday, the Governing Board for the Big Bear Area Regional Wastewater Agency meets for their regular monthly meeting at 5pm, at the BBARWA offices located at 121 Palomino Drive in Big Bear City. The BBARWA Board will hear an informational presentation on Load Equalization Basin Feasibility, as well as an informational report on the agency’s...

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BVUSD’s Management and Unions Agree to Seven Furlough Days in 2010/2011 School Year

Big Bear Valley, CA — The Bear Valley Unified School District has come to an agreement with both unions—BVEA, which represents certificated staff members (meaning teachers) and CSEA, the classified employees union (which includes clerical and maintenance personnel)—as of the school district’s special board meeting held this week. As agreed to by both unions, as well as the district’s confidential management employees, all BVUSD staff will have seven furlough days during the 2010/2011 school year, meaning that there will be no school for students or staff and, that said, staff will not be paid for these seven days over the course of the school year, which will still begin on August 3. According to the district’s Director of Personnel Tim Larson, “This is a pretty significant step on the part of all groups.” The financial impact to employees results in about half a percent for each furlough day so, per Larson, the combined result of furlough days implemented in both this current school year and the upcoming school year amounts to an approximate 4½ percent pay cut to all three groups (BVEA, CSEA and management) over the course of two school years. As Larson adds, “We are just hoping this is the last time that the State will impose these deep cuts on our employees and our children.” The final budget for BVUSD’s upcoming school year will be the...

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BVUSD’s Trustees and Unions Agree on Furlough Day; Students to Get Bonus Day Off on Friday of Memorial Day Weekend

Big Bear Valley, CA — Students of the Bear Valley Unified School District will get a four-day weekend over the Memorial Day holiday, given a furlough day approval voted upon by the school district’s Board of Trustees in their meeting last night (May 19). In support of the financial challenges to the school district, both the certificated and classified unions agreed to one furlough day for this current school year; the agreement was offered during ongoing contract negotiations, and then agreed upon by the Board, which will translate to a cost savings to the district, and a bonus day off for students on Friday, May 28. Negotiations for the upcoming school year do continue between the unions, BVEA and CSEA, and district administration—and progress is said to be very collaborative and positive–and should be ratified on or before May 26, allowing for the school board to make final budget cut determinations on their meeting of June 4. In other news from the Wednesday meeting of BVUSD, the agenda item regarding kindergarten realignment was pulled, to allow for additional information as well as input from stakeholders. A “realignment” of the kindergarten program at Baldwin Lane, Big Bear and North Shore Elementaries may translate to reinstating the am/pm schedule, which BVUSD has not implemented in the last few school years. Just a reminder, BVUSD students are on an early-out schedule on...

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School Board Votes to Accept Budget Reduction Plans A, B and C, But Move to Hold on Final Decision Until June 4

Wednesday’s meeting of the Board of Trustees for the Bear Valley Unified School District, for which itemized budget cuts of nearly one million dollars were on the agenda, opened with public comment, which several Big Bear High School students took advantage of. First among those to the podium for the meeting at Big Bear Middle School was sophomore Nadia Jenkins, who spoke of her dream to be a doctor and her hopes that BVUSD would continue the French language program. “I’ve tried online programs for language learning,” she said, “and it’s not the same not to have a relationship with a teacher.” In response to this, BVUSD’s Director of Personnel Tim Larson shared the good news, announcing, “We will have a French program at the high school—a condensed one, but the exciting news is there will be a French program.” Additional public comment included a plea for the elementary strings program, which includes 75 students at three schools, and support for the Trustees—President Beverly Grabe, Randall Putz, Debra Sarkisian, Ken Turney and Paul Zamoyta—during the difficult funding crisis at the state level, which has resulted in the need for an additional $980,000 in cuts over this school year and next, in order to keep BVUSD from bankruptcy. As noted by a grateful Raven Uhler, the high school’s ASB President, “You’ve made some very difficult decisions and I support you...

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