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Parent Participation Welcome at BVUSD’s Thursday Budget Meeting

Parent participation will be welcomed at this week’s meeting of the Budget Advisory Committee for the Bear Valley Unified School District. In the first of three budget meetings, BVUSD’s Director of Business Services Walter Con referred to the budget situation as grim, as per the fiscal mid-year, $890,000 will need to be cut from the district’s roughly $23.5 million annual budget. This week’s meeting, to be held at 6pm Thursday, will take place at North Shore Elementary School. The third of the Budget Advisory Committee meetings is scheduled to take place on Thursday, February 12, at an as-yet-undetermined location. Prior to the budget meetings, the BVUSD Board of Trustees will convene for their regular school board meeting on Wednesday, February 4; the open session portion of the meeting will begin at 6:30pm at Chautauqua High School on Maple Lane in...

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School District Budget Cuts Will “Cut Deep”

In the first of three meetings with the Budget Advisory Committee of the Bear Valley Unified School District, committee members addressed the daunting task of cutting $890,000 from this year’s school budget of approximately $23.5 million. By way of District staff, the Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the School Board of Trustees who will ultimately make the final decision. As presented by Walter Con, Director of Business Services for the School District, the situation is grim. The District has been successful in cutting dollars in the areas of services, supplies, consultants, legal fees and avoiding filling staff vacancies but, even by dipping into reserve funds, the budget still needs deep cuts. As concerned parents questioned how the cuts would affect our children’s education, Mr. Con replied, “This is going to hurt kids. If you take $1 out of the school budget, it’s going to hurt kids”. The deadline to notify staff of pending lay-offs is March 13th so the District is going down the path that they will have to lay-off employees particularly in the areas of certificated and classified staff. It was suggested, to avoid lay-offs, that employees take a 4 to 41/2% pay cut across the board for management, certificated and classified staff. The District has entered into discussions with the two unions involved, the Bear Valley Employees Association and the California School Employee Association on...

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Bear Valley Unified School District Needs to Make More Budget Cuts

The Budget Advisory Committee of the Bear Valley Unified School District has been asked to gather for a series of meetings to once again review the School District’s budget and make recommendations as to what costs can be cut.  The Governor’s proposed mid-year budget cuts for the current year and proposed state budget for the year 2009-2010 incorporates cuts of approximately $3.2 billion to Kindergarten through High School education statewide.  According to Walter Con, Director of Business for the School District, $890,000 needs to be cut from the current school budget to enable the district to remain static.  These cuts are on top of budget cuts that were already made last year.  Since less than 5 months remain in this school year, the revised budget will have to be made using a combination of budget cuts and dipping into the District’s reserve funds.  According to School Superintendent Carole Ferraud, some of the areas the District will need to look at for cutting costs include the elimination of class size reduction, furloughs, certified and classified staff and sports programs.  As enrollment continues to drop at a rate of 1.3% yearly, Ms. Ferraud adds that at some point, we may need to close a school.  The next meeting of the Budget Advisory Committee is this Thursday, January 29th at 2pm at the School District offices located at 42271 Moonridge Road in...

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