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BVUSD Board Of Trustees To Meet For Special Workshop

Big Bear, Ca, February 23, 2012, 3:00pm – There will be a special meeting of the  Bear Valley Unified School District on Friday, February 24th at the Big Bear Middle School Library at 5:00pm.  The meeting will focus on a workshop discussing the second interim, which entails the BVUSD board of trustees setting a goal of having a positive certification, which means to be financially self supported this year and into the next two years.  The board will also get an administrative report, and a personnel report, which will include the possible approval of reductions to contracts for the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, and Director of Personnel and Educational Services.  The meeting is open to the public to attend, and those wanting to speak, may do so during public comment...

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BVUSD Learns More on How to Develop A Successful Parcel Tax Measure

Big Bear, CA, February 7, 2012, 5:00pm -The Bear Valley Unified School District’s Board of Trustees held a Special Board Workshop meeting Monday evening to learn more about what is needed in pursuing a Parcel Tax in the Big Bear Valley.  At a meeting on February 1st, the Board had agreed to move forward with a Parcel Tax election to help our School District fund our student’s education in light of dramatic budget cuts from Sacramento.  Political consultant, Charles Heath of TBWB Strategies outlaid that process for the Board and eighteen members of the public in attendance.  The inherent political challenges facing the implementation of a Parcel Tax, that would allow for school programs and services to be funded as outlined by our School District, were thoroughly discussed by Mr. Heath which included key strategies and election date considerations that the Board will need to make a decision on soon.  Mr. Heath is recommending a July 10th election day in the form of a mail ballot allowing for sufficient time to draft the measure, educate the community, organize supporters, establish committees and more.  Initial ballot testing, by way of surveys, were done in both 2010 and 2011.  Due to the current economic climate, Mr. Heath is recommending a new survey be completed to determine how the public would feel about a Parcel Tax measure this year since it’s difficult...

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Bear Valley School District Budget Advisory Committee Meeting

Big Bear, CA, January 30, 2012, 12noon:  Last Thursday, the Budget Advisory Committee of the Bear Valley School District met to receive a status update in regards to Governor Brown’s proposed 2012-2013 State Budget and to begin discussion of potential expenditure reductions.  The Committee, which was formed in 2008, is comprised of District administrators, school and union representatives, parents and community members who will begin reviewing items in the budget for potential reduction which, ultimately, is decided upon and presented by the Superintendent, Kurt Madden.  Committee members were appraised of the discussions from the Board Workshop meeting of January 25th in which it was revealed that Governor Brown is proposing the elimination of home to school transportation.  For our District, that annual cost is approximately $830K.  The Governor is also proposing a $7 billion dollar tax-initiative, Prop 98 that, if it doesn’t pass, will result in an additional $960K cut in funding and the possible elimination of three weeks of school.  So, at the next Budget Advisory Committee meeting on February 6th, the committee will, once again, begin the grueling process of revisiting the list of 85 potential areas for budget cuts as well as reviewing new areas of possible budget reductions.  Additionally, the Committee was informed of a letter our school district received from Gary Thomas, County Superintendent of Schools, that outlined the implications of having a “Qualified...

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BVUSD Budget Advisory Commitee Talks Finances

Big Bear, Ca, December 21, 2011, 12:00pm – At last week’s Bear Valley Unified School District’s Budget Advisory Committee meeting, Walter Con, Assistant Superintendent of Business, delivered the first Interim Financial Report Budget Update to the committee that consists of teachers, parents and school administration representatives.  As expected, the California Department of Finance has released its financial forecast stating that revenues will fall short $2.2 billion for the current year.  Therefore, additional cuts will need to be made to the BVUSD’s budget at a total estimated cut to be approximately $456,000 which includes a $13.00 cut to the ADA or average daily attendance.  It had previously been estimated that the cuts would have been in the realm of approximately $1.1 million dollars so although the budget cuts, for now, are expected to be less than half that amount, it is also predicted that these mid-year cuts are only the beginning.  The Department of Finance states that more cuts for 2012/2013 will be forthcoming when California Governor, Jerry Brown, releases his proposed budget for next year on January 10th.  Foreseeing this forecast, recommendations have already been made to the Bear Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees for possible budget reduction items.  Walter Con stated that, in his opinion, salary roll backs, furlough days or a combination of both, will need to be implemented for the school district to meet...

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Bear Valley Unified School District Reviews Budget Cuts Previously Approved

Big Bear Lake, CA, July 28, 2010, 10:20am – At the Bear Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, July 21st, Trustees revisited the previously approved Plan B of the Budget Advisory Committee’s Expenditure Reduction recommendations in order to entertain the possibility of reinstating any of approved cuts previously made.  The Board held discussion for about one hour centered on the elementary school strings program that had a budget of $20,000 that was one of the items previously cut from the budget.  The board agreed to reinstate the strings program in the amount of $10,000.  Sharon Rizzo, the strings instructor, was present at the meeting and she agreed to work on fundraising efforts to raise the additional $10,000 but would also create a second option of a program based on a total $10,000 budget.  Additionally, in a 3 to 2 vote, the Board approved an expenditure of $16,000 for the upcoming school year for a Discovery Education program called “Streaming Plus” allowing for streaming of network videos in all BVUSD classrooms to enhance classroom instruction.  Last year, Discovery Education offered a 3 to 4 month free trail offer to the schools that was used heavily particularly by the elementary school teachers.  In looking ahead to the fiscal solvency for the current and subsequent two fiscal years, the Board signed a resolution to authorize on-going budget reductions,...

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