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Big Bear Paddlefest Returns on July 10 & 11; Paddling Clinic in Fawnskin This Weekend

Fawnskin, CA — The Big Bear Paddlefest, the third of four sporting events in the 2nd annual Conquer the Bear series, launches from Fawnskin in just a month, on the weekend of July 10 and 11. As announced today by event organizers with North Shore Trading Company, Janet Dooley says, “We wanted to hold a weekend-long event that would be equally fun for serious paddle enthusiasts and those new to the sports of paddling.” Pre-race day activities on Saturday the 10th will include on-water kayak and paddleboard clinics and an outdoor-industry sports exhibit; then, on Sunday, the Paddlefest races will be held in Grout Bay, on Big Bear Lake’s North Shore. The races are open to all levels, and will include 10K and 5K canoe and kayak competitions, for both tandem and solo paddlers. This year’s event will also include a 30K around the lake, as well as a free Kids’ Fun Paddle, open to those ages 12 and under. For those interested in gearing up for the competition, North Shore Trading Company will offer a series of three-hour paddling clinics, the first of which begins this Saturday, June 12; the clinic launches from Captain John’s Fawn Harbor Marina at 9am, and is available for a cost of $25. For more information on the clinic, visit GoPaddleACanoe.com. Additional information on the July Paddlefest is available at BigBearPaddlefest.com, and specifics...

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MWD’s East Public Launch Ramp Opens, New and Improved, on June 11; West Ramp Remains Open to Boaters

Big Bear Lake, CA — Earlier this week, the MWD announced a temporary closure of the boat ramp located just west of Stanfield Cutoff on the North Shore. In an updated press release, here are the additional details: “The Big Bear Municipal Water District announces that the Carol Morrison East Public Launch Ramp will be closed through Thursday, June 10 for construction.  The contractor, WTA Construction out of Cedar Glen, will be working over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, June 5 and 6, and has assured the District that the work will be completed and the ramp can be opened again on Friday, June 11. In addition to new asphalt paving, a new vessel decontamination station is being constructed. While these improvements are long overdue, the District apologizes for the inconvenience the ramp closure creates. The Duane Boyer West Public Launch Ramp is available for launching. Also, while the East Ramp is closed, free boat launching and Quagga Mussel inspection will be available at Big Bear Marina on the south shore from 7am until 4pm weekdays and from 6am until 6pm on the weekend. Any questions can be directed to the District Office at 909/866-5796 during regular business...

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Diligence of Marina Inspector Keeps Big Bear Lake Quagga Mussel Free; All Boats Must Be Clean, Drained and Dry Before Launch

Big Bear Lake, CA — A Quagga mussel-infested boat was prevented from being launched onto Big Bear Lake because of the pre-launch inspection performed by diligent launch ramp attendants, per a press release issued by the Big Bear Municipal Water District: “The boat showed up at Pine Knot Landing after spending three months in Lake Mojave on the Colorado River. Certified Quagga Mussel Inspector John Bishop at the private marina noted water draining from the boat’s outdrive when it was lowered. Because of this, combined with the knowledge that the boat had recently been in mussel-contaminated waters, the inspector refused to allow the boat to be launched and instead sent it to the Carol Morrison East Public Launch Ramp for a more thorough inspection. Big Bear Municipal Water District Launch Ramp Supervisor Tyler Cockrell and Ramp Attendant Stacy Marquardt performed a detailed inspection and observed thousands of tiny, pinhead-sized Quagga Mussels covering the boat. The boat was then quarantined at the District offices. The District provides Quagga Mussel inspection training annually, free of charge, to all local private marina workers. Private launch ramps at marinas are required to have District-certified inspectors any time boats are being launched or retrieved. When it was discussed at the May 20th MWD Board meeting, Director Skip Suhay noted, ‘This incident highlights the value of local public awareness and the payoff that results when...

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Today’s Dam Inspection Provides “No Concerns Regarding Dam Safety”; MWD Approves Summer Activities on Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake, CA — Those in the vicinity of the west end of Big Bear Lake may have noticed divers in the water which, per the Big Bear Municipal Water District, is for an annual inspection of the dam. These inspections were prompted by a crack, discovered three years ago, during a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department dive team training exercise. Since late fall 2008, there has been no indication from these periodic inspections that there are any additional cracks in the dam where two monuments, consisting of two stainless steel bolts, straddle the crack in the upstream side of the Big Bear Dam. As MWD General Manager Scott Heule tells KBHR, “As of noon today [April 19], and after about two hours of dive time, no concerns regarding dam safety or adverse changes in crack dimensions were observed, according to the district’s engineer. The district’s engineer, MWH Americas, indicates that their report of the divers’ inspection findings will be available for the Board of Directors’ review within about four to six weeks.” Heule notes that, provided the weather cooperates, the dive team will move to the site of the old dam tomorrow, to document its condition and accessibility for purposes of possible future lake management activities; they will also attempt to remove some debris that is said to be located on the upstream side of the old...

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MWD Board Unanimously Adopts New Lake Ordinance Pertaining to Non-Marina Kayak Rentals

Big Bear Lake, CA — The updated Big Bear Lake ordinance, as it pertains to non-marina kayak rentals, was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors of the Big Bear Municipal Water District at their April meeting, which took place on the 1st. As adopted, explains MWD General Manager Scott Heule, “The big piece on Ordinance 43 allows the kayak rental businesses to continue renting to customers but prohibits them from conducting any commercial activities on the lake, meaning they cannot provide instruction, training or tours unless they are conducting that business at a commercial marina. That is the gist. In the future, by next boating season, they will be able to secure a commercial permit from the district that would allow them to do those things.” Prior to making this decision, the MWD Board considered public input, dating back to last summer and including a community workshop in October. In other news from the MWD, which launched boating season on the lake just days ago, on April 1st, Heule reports that just two boats entered the water on day one and yesterday, April 5, the public boat launch ramps closed early, at 10am, due to the snowstorm and wind event. Despite a slow-go for boating season’s first week, Heule notes that fishermen are catching their limit of hungry trout on Big Bear Lake; that limit is five trout...

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