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Enjoy Big Bear Lake Safely

Big Bear, Ca April 3, 2011 12:00 pm – Big Bear Lake is open and the early spring is a great time for boating on the lake.  Because the water temperature is quite cold as snow melt runs into the lake, a few extra precautions should be taken to make your trip safe.  Personal flotation devices, also known as PFDs or lifejackets should always be worn and buckled up.  This is particularly important when the lake is cold.  Falling into cold water causes a reflex gasp that can result in swallowed water and drowning.  An inexpensive PFD keeps the mouth and nose above the surface, allowing a second breath to be air instead of more water.  Clothing should be chosen carefully.  Cotton jeans, sweatshirts, and jackets hold cold water next to the body when they get wet.  Polyester fleece and wool, with a nylon shell to protect from the wind are better choices.  They dry quickly and keep the body warm even when damp.  According to the US Coast Guard, the leading causes of boating accidents are inexperience, inattention, and alcohol.  Take a boating class, stay warm and dry, wear a PFD, and wait to party until back on dry land.  Take the time to pay attention to these details and a trip on Big Bear Lake this spring will be safe and fun. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP30583.mp3|titles=Enjoy Big Bear Lake...

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Big Bear Lake Open for 2011 Season

Big Bear Lake, Ca April 1, 2011 12:00 pm – The 2011 season for Big Bear Lake has begun.  Each year, the Big Bear Municipal Water District officially opens the lake for fishing, boating, and water skiing at the beginning of April.  While there is still snow on the mountain slopes, Stacy, on duty at the MWD’s East Boat Ramp, says she has been busy.  The ramp has already launched at least 25 boats and she has heard reports that fishing is good, especially at the east end of the lake.  Boating permits for motorized craft, sailboats, and paddlers must be obtained prior to launching and all vessels must also be inspected for quagga mussel infestation.  The mussels can live in standing water for several months and are not visible to the eye.  For this reason, the MWD asks that prior to launch, all boats and trailers be clean of debris, all bilges, lockers, and engines be drained and dry.  Boats that are damp or with standing water will require decontamination.  Boats with obvious mussel infestation will require decontamination and may be prohibited from launching.  Boat permits, inspections, and decontamination services are available at the East Ramp from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and 6:00 am – 7:00 pm Fridays and Saturdays.  Big Bear Lake is at its highest level in years, ready for a full...

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Snowshoes Paddleboards and More at North Shore Trading

Big Bear, Ca March 18, 2011 5:00 pm – Big Bear is a wonderful place to play outdoors.  Across the lake in Fawnskin is a great place to get your gear for outdoor activities, the North Shore Trading Company.  For winter sports, the store carries both high tech snowshoes and traditional designs, beautiful wooden sleds and antique style toboggans.  When the weather warms up, they have a full line of stand up paddleboards, kayaks, and beautiful, lightweight wooden canoes.  If you need a canoe for your home instead of for the lake, North Shore Trading has classic cedar and mahogany bookcases, coffee tables, and other furniture in a canoe motif.  The store carries boots, jackets, and beautiful sweaters for winter wear, sandals, shorts, and paddle sports clothing for the summer.  Owners Jim and Janet Dooley can set you up for a fly fishing trip with Big Bear Fishing Adventures or for canoe, kayak, or paddleboard lessons on the water.  In July, North Shore Trading Company hosts the Big Bear Paddlefest, 2 days of clinics, races, and a paddle sports expo.  If you’re looking for outdoor clothing or equipment, a fishing, boating, or snowshoe adventure, North Shore Trading Company is a short trip to the north shore of Big Bear Lake.  Call 866-3414 or go to gopaddleacanoe.com for directions and more information. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP30537.mp3|titles=Snowshoes and more at North Shore...

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Big Bear Lake Boating Permits Now Available

Big Bear, Ca March 5, 2011 3:00 pm – Big Bear Lake is getting ready to open for the spring season in just a few weeks. The Municipal Water District has mailed renewal forms to boating permit holders, reminding them that last year’s permits expire at the end of this month. To purchase a permit for the 2011 season, forms are available on the MWD website and at the District office.  Launch ramps will be open April 1 and will have permits available as well.  The cost for 2011 permits has increased $10.00 for motorized boats and sailboats over 8’ and includes the quagga mussel prevention surcharge.  Fees for all other boats, including kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and peddle boats remains the same, and requires a signed self inspection certification.  Boaters are reminded that permit holders must know and follow all lake regulations and California boating laws.  Lake levels are currently at 71’7”, just 8” below full according to the MWD website.  Enjoy the full Big Bear Lake boating season and purchase permits early....

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Two boaters rescued from Big Bear Lake

  Big Bear, Ca, February 12, 2011, 4:00pm – Two boaters were rescued in Big Bear Lake this afternoon.  At approximately 2:45 pm, a canoe carrying a man and a woman swamped near Eagle Point.  The woman attempted to swim to shore and a bystander entered the water to assist.  The man remained with the canoe and was rescued by a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy and another bystander.  The Deputy used a nearby canoe to make the rescue, towing the male paddler to shore when unable to get him back into his boat.  Both paddlers were transported to a local medical facility to be checked for hypothermia and other injuries by Big Bear City Fire ambulance.  Rescuers were uninjured but cold. [audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP30435.mp3|titles=Canoe Rescue on Big Bear...

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