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Art of Yoga Project Empowers At-Risk Girls

Big Bear Lake, CA, March 7, 2014 – Big Bear Yoga is presenting a workshop this Saturday in Yoga Nidra, a restful, healing practice that releases long-held tensions, injuries and emotions. What makes this event even more worthwhile is that it benefits a nonprofit organization called The Art of Yoga Project. The Project helps rehabilitate at-risk teen girls in the juvenile justice system by teaching them art, yoga, and creative writing. Its goal is to end the cycles of violence and victimization the girls are caught in and bring them to lives of empowerment, accountability and well-being. There are affiliate programs being established in communities around the country, along with ambassadors who, like Big Bear Yoga, donate some of their proceeds to the Project. Long-time local instructor Claudia Eads, MD, RYT will lead Saturday’s workshop from 3-5pm at Big Bear Sports Chiropractic in the Village (40729 Village Dr, Suite 10B, behind the UPS store). The event costs $28 and will include discussion, a short physical practice, the Yoga Nidra practice, and a Q&A. Each participant should bring a mat, blanket, and, if available, an eye pillow. For further information, call (909)...

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Ha-ha hatha: It’s not comedy, it’s exercise!

Big Bear Lake, CA, March 10, 2013 – The public is invited to an Introduction to Laughter Yoga on March 16 at 2pm. Certified Laughter Yoga instructor Julisa Smith will present the 90-minute donation-based workshop at Big Bear Yoga in the Village (40729 Village Dr.  Big Bear Lake). Julisa will share the health benefits of laughter, how laughter yoga started, laughter therapy and what her classes will consist of on a regular basis. Some key points: 1) Laughter Yoga is not comedy or a class with jokes or funny hats. These are lead exercises using laughter. 2) Anybody can do the exercises — whether sitting in chairs, on the floor, or standing. 3) This is something very different and unique, so come with an open mind. Through laughter we lose our grip on critical thinking and judgment. This is a safe environment. 4) Fake it till you make it. As far as health benefits go, our bodies don’t know the difference between “real” or consciously created laughter. Julisa says, “Through laughter we connect as a society and human to human. Our connections seem to be dwindling with all the new technology but laughter is the quickest way between two people.” For more information, visit...

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Big Bear Yoga Has A New Home

Big Bear, Ca, September 27, 2011, 12:00pm – Yoga in Big Bear has a new name and location.  For the past few years yoga has been offered at Equada Yoga in the village by Rene Fulkerson.  Fulkerson recently moved to Hawaii, and passed on the business to Annalisa Berns.  Berns is increasing the amount of classes being offered, and is continuing to spread the love of yoga that Fulkerson sought to create in Big Bear.  Berns has renamed the business to Big Bear Yoga, and is now offering classes in the Village Mall, behind the UPS Store, and next to the Village Spa.  Berns told KBHR that in October there will be an enhanced larger class schedule with classes Monday through Thursday, with the possibility of classes being offered on the weekends in the future.  Berns came to Big Bear four years ago due to her love of the outdoors, skiing and yoga.  Berns is a certified yoga instructor, and she and fellow instructor at Big Bear Yoga Lisa Ann are both trained to work with pregnant women, which Berns said is something you wont find at every yoga studio.  Big Bear Yoga will be offering a different workshop every month starting with a beginning yoga workshop in October.  For class schedules, and more information go to...

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