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Medicine Wheel: A Native Approach To Restoring Balance

Big Bear City, CA, September 28, 2014 – This month marked the ten-year anniversary of the Big Bear Medicine Wheel that was led by an Eastern Shoshone elder during the severe drought of 2004. At the time, local government agencies were debating cloud seeding–a method of increasing precipitation by dispersing substances such as dry ice or silver iodide crystals into the air. Some residents, however, preferred an alternative method of addressing this environmental challenge, and invited Bavado Rainbow Thunder Heart (formerly Bennie Blue Thunder Le Beau) to share techniques based on 6,000-year-old indigenous wisdom. With Big Bear as the hub of the Medicine Wheel’s nine locations in Southern California, over 200 residents participated in the final 12-hour ceremonial gathering for prayer, gratitude, intentions, song and dance. Coincidentally or not, the first major storms of the season began on the dates the Medicine Wheel training and celebration were scheduled: October 26 and November 20. Those two- and three-foot snowfalls, along with storms over the next several months, contributed to a 12-foot increase in the lake level by the spring of 2005. This year, Bavado came back to lead several ceremonies in July and September at natural landmarks in the area–some of which coincided with International Peace Day and World Gratitude Day. He and his partner Samara, a sound healer, say they will continue their work in October to help restore...

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“Loving Life Center” Opens to Public on Solstice Saturday

Big Bear Lake, CA, December 20, 2013 – Psychologist Robin Bradley, educator Joe Bradley and Marriage and Family Therapist Gina Weiss have revamped a historic log cabin as an office space and gathering place called the Big Bear Loving Life Center. The trio’s individual pursuits include counseling practices, EarthHEAL, Big Bear THRIVES!, the Mountain Healing Arts Association and the Pachamama Alliance, which empowers people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture and encourages everyone to promote sustainability. What this means for the community is a central location for affordable midweek programming, information about services, and weekend retreats and workshops that will attract both locals and visitors. It’s intended to be a common space for individuals and groups who share a common vision of Big Bear as a place of healing and renewal, health and vitality, creativity and inspiration, and sustainable living. People will be able to share ideas, work toward common goals, and offer their own services. The staff is developing a calendar of activities for 2014; for now, there are two gatherings scheduled for this weekend and one series starting at the top of the year. First on the list is a Solstice Celebration this Saturday, December 21. The morning activities starting at 9:00 a.m. will be related to EarthHEAL; the afternoon focus will be a general Loving Life Celebration. The public is invited to participate...

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