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MWD Hatching Rainbows

The Big Bear Municipal Water District, whose mission is to manage Big Bear Lake, is embarking on a remarkable effort to help enhance the trout population and fishing opportunities for Big Bear Lake.   Hatchery raised fish which are then planted in lakes throughout California is a common practice but access to young trout for planting have been a challenge due to drought conditions and hatchery closures.   Mike Stephenson and the MWD board are pursuing a local, indoor, high tech hatchery to be located on underutilized MWD property now being used for RV parking and boat storage. After a...

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USCG Auxiliary Boating Class

Big Bear Lake, CA, May 22nd, 2016 – This summer, the US Coast Guard Auxiliary is again offering “About Boating Safety” courses on Saturday, June 11th and again on August 20th. This fun and exciting course will cover topics such as boating laws, personal safety equipment, safe boat handling, navigation rules, personal watercraft safety, as well as local rules and knowledge. The first of the two 8-hour, one-day courses will meet on Saturday June 11th, from 8:00 to 5:30 p.m. at the MWD Board Room located at 40524 Lakeview Drive. If you cannot attend this course, another is being offered on August 20th. Upon...

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Boating Under the Influence

Big Bear Lake, CA, August 19, 2015 – Shortly after 2:30 p.m. on August 17, deputies from the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station responded to a report of a male adult being severely injured as a result of a boating accident on Big Bear Lake. While on vacation in Big Bear, Shillan Jalalian and Iman Jalalian, sister and brother, rented a boat from a local marina. Shillan was driving the boat when Iman was ejected from the vessel into the lake. When Shillan circled the area where her brother entered the water to pick him up, Iman was injured by the propeller of the boat. Shillan jumped into the lake in an attempt to rescue Iman. Officers from the Municipal Water District (MWD) were patrolling the area on the lake and responded when they realized the tourists were in distress. Iman was found to have severe lacerations to both of his legs and at least one broken bone. Both subjects were pulled from the water on to the MWD boat and transported to the West Boat Ramp where paramedics from Big Bear Fire were waiting to administer medical aid. Iman Jalalian was airlifted by Mercy Air from the West Boat Ramp to Loma Linda Medical Center for further treatment of his injuries. Deputies from SBCSD’s Boating Accident Investigation Team responded to the scene to conduct further investigation of the incident....

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Big Bear Lake Is Open For The Season

Big Bear Lake, CA, April 2, 2015 – Yesterday, Big Bear Municipal Water District opened the Carol Morrison East Launch Ramp for the 2015 season. The public boat launch ramp, which has been closed for the winter, gives boat owners the opportunity to launch onto the lake for boating and fishing, and is especially good news for anglers that prefer trolling over shoreline fishing. In addition to the public launch ramp opening, five Big Bear Lake marinas are now open for the 2015 season. On May 8, the Duane Boyer West Launch Ramp will open offering even more public access to the lake. To celebrate Big Bear Lake’s opening day, Big Bear MWD planted approximately one million fingerling trout into the lake. This should help increase the trout population for years to come. In addition to the fresh load of fingerling trout, the MWD plans to plant two more truckloads of 250,000 larger trout that are approximately 10 to 12 inches within the next two weeks. In addition to the ‘pink-meat’ that Big Bear Lake is famous for, it also has both large mouth and small mouth bass, catfish, crappie, and...

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Lucky Kayakers get Quick Rescue from Big Bear Lake Patrol

Big Bear Lake, CA February 12 , 2015 –  Spending time on the lake in a boat or kayak in the winter months can be a deadly combination even if the sun is out and temperatures are a balmy 50 degrees.  Always use caution, wear a life vest and realize that regular patrol of the lake is not possible in the colder months.   The water is cold and hypothermia is a predictable outcome if you end up in the water.   Here is the description and photos of what happened given to us by Kim Baker with the photos taken by her friends George and Sam.   “Here are some pictures of the the two kayaker’s that turned over in the lake on Tuesday Feb 10 2015. The pictures are from a couple of fishermen that saw it when it happened,  and called 911.  Emergency was there in a matter of minuets.  They are alive and fine.  Fishermen where on Sandy Beach north shore.   George and Sam.”...

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