There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills!


  Big Bear, CA, March 15, 2014 - In 1848, gold was discovered in northern California which brought thousands of people to the state from all over the world. One of these people was Bill Holcomb who tried his luck up north, but quickly decided to head to southern California. He heard rumors of gold in Big Bear Valley, but wasn't sure … [Read more...]

Hollywood Loves Big Bear


  Big Bear, CA, February 22, 2014 - In July of 1911, a movie company from back east arrived at the new Pine Knot Lodge in Big Bear and began filming. That began a love affair between Hollywood and Big Bear that still continues. At about the same time, tourism started taking off in the valley, but only in the summer. During the … [Read more...]

Big Bear Airport Has a ‘Bumpy’ Start

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   Big Bear City, CA  January 25, 2014 - In 1916, Waldo Waterman, a pilot from Ontario, landed an aircraft in a field just east of Big Bear Lake, opening up a new era for the valley.  In 1924 Waterman laid out Big Bear’s first airfield just east of the lake. He used a 5 seat, single engine plane to provide passenger service … [Read more...]

Willow House is Dedicated at Historical Museum


Big Bear, Ca, September 5, 2011, 8:00am - On Saturday, September 3rd, over 50 people gathered at the Big Bear Valley Historical Museum for the dedication of the new Willow House campsite on the museum grounds.  The Willow House is a traditional Serrano Indian structure, and the Chairman of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, James Ramos, along … [Read more...]

Big Bear Discovery Center Offers Holcomb Valley Tours

Historic Holcomb Valley, near Big Bear

Big Bear's history includes cattle rustlers, movie stars, and several gold strikes.  In the mid 1800’s, Holcomb Valley was an area of extensive gold prospecting.  New towns sprang up overnight, and the population swelled to more than the rest of San Bernardino County.  To visit this historical area, the Big Bear Discovery Center offers guided … [Read more...]

Big Bear History with Dinner at the Captains Anchorage


Big Bear, Ca  March 26, 2011 12:00 pm - Where in Big Bear can you enjoy a steak, seafood, and perhaps visit with a ghost?  The Captain’s Anchorage asks you to form your own opinion about the ghost, but is sure you will find their food flavorful.  The restaurant was built in 1946 and your dinner includes a healthy portion of Big Bear … [Read more...]

Big Bear Welcomes Home Team Jordan Romero, Celebrating Their Seven Summits Quest and Record-Breaking Mt. Everest Climb With “Live Your Dreams” Fair

Jordan (here with Paul and Karen) was gifted an original Brad Washburn print of Everest from fellow climber Steve Reneker. A local ski patroller who's also climbed Everest, Reneker noted, "Only a few thousand have tried, and less than 10 percent have made it to the summit."

Big Bear Lake, CA -- The star of yesterday’s Live Your Dreams Fair at Big Bear Middle School was eighth grader Jordan Romero, who, along with climbing partners dad Paul Romero and Karen Lundgren, were welcomed home to Big Bear and celebrated for their record-breaking summit to the top of Mt. Everest on May 22. The community—including countless … [Read more...]

May 23 Blizzard Brings Valley’s Snow Totals to 131 Inches–Nearly Six Feet More Than Average

From Friday's sunny skies for the Amgen Tour to Sunday's white-out, the contrast was extreme here in the Big Bear Valley. Our first snowfall of the extended winter season was on Friday, November 13.

Big Bear Valley, CA -- We didn’t get the snow on Mothers Day this year, but we did receive about three inches of snow here in the Big Bear Valley yesterday (Sunday, May 23), during several hours of snowfall starting in about the 7am hour and continuing into the afternoon. The late May blizzard also brought about near white-out conditions for some … [Read more...]

San Bernardino County Fire Chief Pat Dennen Announces Retirement; County’s Lead Firefighter Got His Start as Volunteer in Big Bear City

County Fire Chief Pat Dennen graduated from BBHS in '75, then started his firefighting career as a volunteer firefighter in Big Bear City. He and wife Diana, who have seven children between them, reside in Highland.

San Bernardino, CA -- San Bernardino County Fire Chief Pat Dennen plans to retire from an illustrious career, effective June 25—a career that was sparked by an ROP class that he took in the fall of 1974, while a senior at Big Bear High School. As Chief Dennen tells KBHR, “It was a fire science class in my senior year that got me excited. Then I … [Read more...]

Nine Feet of Snow Later, Big Bear Valley’s Winter Melts Into Spring on Saturday


Big Bear Valley, CA -- It was just eight Fridays ago, when we were buried under five feet of snow—roads were under an R3 requirement, all highways were closed, school was canceled, and power was out—and it seemed this day would never come, but spring arrives this weekend! Since the first of the winter season’s storms began on Friday, November … [Read more...]