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Big Bear Airport Has a ‘Bumpy’ Start

   Big Bear City, CA  January 25, 2014 – In 1916, Waldo Waterman, a pilot from Ontario, landed an aircraft in a field just east of Big Bear Lake, opening up a new era for the valley.  In 1924 Waterman laid out Big Bear’s first airfield just east of the lake. He used a 5 seat, single engine plane to provide passenger service between Ontario and the Big Bear Valley. There were some bumps along the way, however. Several local dignitaries went down to Ontario to make the maiden flight with Waterman. Unfortunately, they encountered turbulence which forced them to make a landing on a dry lake bed in Lucerne and they ended up hitching a ride home. A week later, the flight was made again with none of the original passengers. It made a successful trip up, landing safely in Big Bear. It then reloaded and took off again, only to stall at 300 feet and fall into the lake. The plane was destroyed and one passenger died of a heart attack, but the rest on board were relatively unhurt. Waterman put his plane back together and was back in business one month later.  The airfield caught on.  In addition to Waterman’s regular flights, many days saw a half dozen airplanes on the field. In 1927, the field was re-graded for Ambassador Airways. Major Henry ‘Hap’ Arnold, who gained fame as an Army Air Corps commander in WWII, discovered Big...

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Big Bear Airport Director Greene Censured by Board

Big Bear City, CA, March 15, 2012 6:00 pm – The Big Bear Airport District at their regularly scheduled meeting on March 14th, 2012 exercised a rarely used provision of their Board Members Social Contract to admonish one of their fellow board members.  Director Gloria Green was accused of violating the decorum and social contract in addition violating the Brown Act specifically surrounding employee evaluations completed in committee session which were closed. Airport President Gary Steube read from the proposed resolution: “Specifically, on February 2, 2012, she not only insisted that she should be able to attend the closed session, she refused to vacate the meeting room, announcing that she would not accept the advice from legal counsel and that she did not care if it was a violation of the Brown Act. Director Gloria Greene went on to say: “ I’m sorry if you feel that I am the problem on this board but I’m here for the people and I’m going to be the problem” Later she went on to say: “Anybody wanting to see the Social Contract that I’ve got going with this group … I’ll show it to you” “ I have no patience with it and I didn’t come here to be their friend”. In response to other board members comments she went on to say: “and I don’t care what goes on here I don’t care what...

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Airport Provides Space for Food Distribution Program

Big Bear, Ca, November 29, 2011, 5:00pm – The Big Bear City Airport has opened its doors and is providing the AARP/ Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino’s local food distribution, a place to distribute food this month.  The program that normally runs its distribution program out of the Senior Center had trouble finding a space this month due to the holiday season, and the wide array of events going on in the valley.  Airport General Manager Pete Gwaltney decided to provide the program with a space to use on distribution day: Monday, December 19th from 12pm to 2pm, for free.  The program provides over 65 families in need in the Big Bear area with food on a monthly basis.  According to Big Bear City Airport Public Relations Director Cindy Venuto Chundak, Rick Samuelson and his wife help run the distribution, and really care about the community, so the airport was happy to help.  For more information about the food distribution call Samuelson at...

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