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Power Lines to be Relocated Underground Along Big Bear Blvd.

Big Bear Lake, CA, July 28, 2014 – Starting today, Bear Valley Electric Service will begin work to move three miles of power poles and wires to underground conduits along Big Bear Blvd. This is being done in conjunction with sidewalk upgrades planned by the City of Big Bear Lake. Many of the power poles date back to the 1970s and need to be replaced, according to BVES Operations Manager Paul Marconi, and this project will improve safety, reliability, and aesthetics along Big Bear’s main tourist thoroughfare. Underground power lines last longer and are more immune to damage from Big Bear’s extreme weather, car crashes, and animals. The Boulevard Electrical Distribution Undergrounding Project will be done on and off along various stretches of the boulevard over the next 15 months. Phase 1, which involves digging trenches alongside and across Big Bear Blvd. between Paine and Pine Knot, begins today and should last about 4 weeks. This will involve temporary lane closures, however traffic controls will be used to minimize the project’s impact on drivers. Phase 2 is expected to begin next...

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DWP Telephone Scammers Hitting Big Bear Again

Big Bear Lake, CA, May 21, 2014 – Telephone scammers are at it again attempting to now swindle DWP customers in Big Bear.  Dani McGee of Big Bear Department of Water tells KBHR that beginning today several customers–mostly small business owners–have been called by people posing as DWP representatives. The callers try to pressure customers for information and a check to avoid having their water turned off. This scam is nearly identical to the phone scam that plagued Big Bear Valley in March of this year effecting electrical customers of Bear Valley Electric. Any customer suspecting a phone scam should hang up immediately the call the DWP  to verify their account status.  In addition reporting this to the Sheriffs department may aid in the investigation....

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Emergency Repairs Knock Out Power

Big Bear Valley, CA, April 24, 2014 – Bear Valley Electric notified KBHR in advance of a valley-wide power outage this morning. The outage began in the middle of the 11:00 hour, and was due to emergency repairs conducted by Edison. The radio station continued broadcasting while on its...

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Widespread Power Outage, Tree Branches Blamed

Big Bear Valley, CA October 2, 2013 – A widespread power outage affected most of the Big Bear Valley this morning.  It was described by a Big Bear Firefighter as a minor tree branch issue.  Although minor it was on a critical line in Big Bear City near Greenway.  It took about an hour to restore power to the majority of the valley, with some lingering minor pockets of outages mostly in the east end of the Big Bear.   As this was described as a minor incident, major repair work was not required to restore...

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Big Bear Airport and Bear Valley Electric Work Together: Save $, Save Energy

Big Bear, Ca, February 21, 2012, 12:00pm – The Big Bear Airport District is saving money, and helping Bear Valley Electric save energy in the process.  The Airport and Bear Valley Electric have been working together to save energy at the airport for over a year, by doing two main projects:  retrofitting the old inefficient lighting in the terminal building, and finding alternatives to the ramp area lighting.  Changing the old light bulbs in the terminal building to more efficient T-8 linear florescent lamps occurred in January of 2011, which will cut the lighting bill by about 30-40% over the old lights.  The second project saw 26 lights replaced with new LED fixtures, with BVES providing a financial incentive that paid 20% of the material cost.  Bear Valley Electric estimates that the bill savings to the airport will be approximately $320,000 over the life of the LED lamps, which is for approximately 20 years.  The old light bulbs needed to be replaced every 1 to 2 years.  According to the Big Bear City Airport, this is a win win for both both Airport and Bear Valley Electric customers, as the lights operate during BVES’ peak period during the darker colder winter months, this will reduce the load on the BVES power grid. For more information on how to save money and energy go online at...

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