Zoo Upgrades, Paradise Park Plans to Be Reviewed in Park District Meetings Today

The Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District continues with upgrades to the Moonridge Animal Park as the zoo has undergone remodel work, including an updated kitchen, feed storage and maintenance rooms, and medical facilities. The television network Animal Planet’s series “Untamed & Uncut” also made a visit to the zoo, and footage may be used in up to two upcoming episodes. The zoo, as well as other park sites and programs, will be reviewed at this afternoon’s meeting of the Advisory Commission of the Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District, which takes place at 5pm. This will be the first regular, monthly meeting of the Commission since November. The meeting will be preceded by a 4pm meeting with the Park Committee of the Big Bear City Community Services District, during which time the EIR and proposition funding status for Paradise Park will be discussed. Both of these meetings are being held at the Big Bear Senior Center and open to the public.

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