Big Bear, Ca, February 27, 2011, 4:45pm – Winter weather has returned, and with it KBHR would like to remind motorists of some safe driving practices when driving in the mountains in the winter months.  If you need to install chains or take chains off your vehicle, make sure you do so in a turn out where your car will not be blocking traffic lanes.  If you want to play in the snow, do so in a designated snow play area, or ensure that your vehicle is safely pulled off the side of the road, where it will not be blocking lanes on the road.  It is a good idea to clean snow off of your car after a storm.  Make sure your windows are clear and that you have good visibility, and that snow on top of your car has been removed.  If you have a large amount of snow on top of your car, and you brake suddenly, the snow can dislodge and come down on your windshield, blocking your view.  If you are driving on the highways and have vehicles behind you, use one of the many turnouts found on all routes in and out of the Big Bear Valley.  You can receive a ticket if you do not use the turnouts and you have five or more vehicles behind you.  Make sure that you carry chains in your vehicle, no matter what kind of vehicle you have, as it is the law that you carry chains in the winter months when traveling in the mountains.