sherifflogo-thumbThe Big Bear Sheriff’s Station’s Citizens on Patrol volunteers generated $8,800 in their annual raffle, proceeds of which will be used to purchase vehicles and equipment for the COP team, which serves as the “eyes and ears” of the Valley. Though the announcement of winners was scheduled to be on Channel 6 earlier in the week; instead, we have those winners here on KBHR. This year’s raffle included nearly 50 prizes, and those drawn for some of the big ticket items include the following: a $500 gift card to Hank Broncy of Big Bear Lake; three cords of firewood to Teri McMaster of Big Bear City; a propane gas BBQ from Butchers Block to Lisa Meyer; two cords of firewood to Kim Voight of Big Bear City; one cord of firewood to Bill Roberts of Fullerton; and Snow Summit ski passes to John Boyd of Anaheim, Bob Fechtig of Garden Grove, and Gary, as per his raffle ticket. For a complete list of winners for prizes that also include items from B’s Backyard BarBQ, Holloway’s, Pleasure Point, Pine Knot and Big Bear Marinas, the Bowling Barn and more, stop by the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station (on Big Bear Boulevard at Summit Boulevard in Big Bear Lake)—or see if your name is on this list: John Vattaune, Kathleen Newsome, George Robillard, Tony Silva, Kathi Foresta, Bud Jones, Dee Inks, Bob Surack, Mr. Brougham, Quinn Melssen, Paul Boscarino, Susan Conley, Jeff Pinkerton, Harold of Sugarloaf, Steve Copeland, Janet Vines, Bill Vavrek, Phil LaBarre, Grizzly Manor, Alan Clark, Claudia Blakee, Manny Miranda, Jenny Hollenbaugh, Rob Barber, Kathie Stoddard, Duogh Humphrey, Walt Spink, Russ Lewis, Traci Stockham, Vern of Big Bear Lake, Jim Pike, Keith Holland, Maryann Carrera, Jan Gray, Vicki Johnston, Terry Ford, and Robert Devarenne.