San Bernardino, CA, May 8, 2012, 8:00am  – Don’t let the recent cool weather fool you, the sun will shine and the heat of summer will be here soon. Due to the amount of rain this past winter, grasses and weeds will flourish and quickly dry out, creating extreme fire danger. This week (May 6-12) is National Wildfire Awareness Week. San Bernardino County Fire reminds residents to do their part in understanding fire danger by exercising extreme caution around dry, flammable vegetation. Wildfire safety isn’t limited to those who live near wild lands, it’s for anyone camping or spending time in these locations as well. Contrary to common perception, a wildfire does not have to burn everything in its path. In fact, clearing property of debris and maintaining landscaping are important, yet simple, first steps for homeowners. Residents can do their part and take action today that will lessen the risk of damage if a wildfire occurs. To learn more on how you can be prepared for a wildfire, go to big-bear-news-dot-com.













ü  Create a defensible area, firebreaks that divert flames around property, by clearing weeds and dry grass at least 100 feet around your home.  Property on sloped areas should be cleared at least 100 feet as well, as wind-fed flames can race up hills and mountainsides quickly.

ü  Store flammable liquids in approved safety cans away from occupied buildings.

ü  Keep propane tanks clear of vegetation.

ü  Keep all combustibles, such as firewood, lawn furniture, picnic tables, etc., away from structures.

ü  Clean rain gutters regularly to avoid leaf and needle accumulation.

ü  Clear vegetation and other flammable materials from beneath decks or other wooden structures.

ü  Remove tree limbs and vegetation that overhang the roof.

ü  Remove all branches lower than 6 feet.

ü  Don’t let debris and lawn cuttings linger. Dispose of these items quickly to reduce fuel for fire.

ü  Dispose of stove or fireplace ash and charcoal briquettes after soaking them in a metal pail of water for 24 hours.

ü  Keep garden hose connected to faucet.

ü  Review your home escape plan with your family & have a fire drill exercise.

ü  Ensure address is clearly visible from the street.


To learn more on how you can be prepared for a wildfire, go to big-bear-news-dot-com


go to and click on the Ready, Set, Go icon.  You can also contact your local fire department for further information and free property inspections. San Bernardino County Fire Department wishes you a safe summer.