San Bernardino County, CA — The San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters has posted the semi-official count from Tuesday’s Statewide Direct Primary Election, as all precincts from within the County have reported. As of the most current update from the Registrar of Voters, current 41st District U.S. Congressman Jerry Lewis has received 66 percent of the Republican vote over Eric Stone’s 33 percent, so Congressman Lewis likely to go up against Democrat Pat Meagher in the November General Election. Current County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gary Thomas has received 60 percent of the vote; Art Delgado garnered 22 percent, while Rita Ramirez-Dean received 17 percent. Current Assessor appointee Dennis Draeger has 73 percent of the vote to maintain his position, while Alfred Castorena Palazzo accumulated 26 percent of the votes from with San Bernardino County. Incumbent Larry Walker has 70 percent of the vote for the position of Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector over 29 percent for Ensen Mason. The County’s District Attorney Michael Ramos garnered 53 percent of votes, over 27 percent for Bob Conaway and 18 percent for Frank Guzman. San Bernardino County Sheriff/Coroner Rod Hoops, appointed to his position in February 2009, received 66 percent of the vote, while Deputy Sheriffs Paul Schrader and Mark Averbeck received 21 percent and 11 percent, respectively. Within San Bernardino County, the Registrar of Voters reports that only 19.8 percent of voters participated in the Statewide Direct Primary Election on June 8. An update on the semi-official numbers listed here will be posted on Friday at 8pm, though the Registrar has 28 days to certify the election, so final numbers can be expected on or before July 6.