Big Bear Lake, CA, June 21, 2014 – Wildfire prevention is serious business in the San Bernardino Mountains. New restrictions and guidelines were posted on Thursday, June 19, and the US Forest Service says they’ll be aggressively citing those who don’t comply. With lives and property at stake, violation of these prohibitions carry serious consequences as Class B misdemeanors under federal law: fines up to $10,000, imprisonment for up to six months, or both.  Violators may also be responsible for resource damage, suppression costs and any injuries that occur if they’re found liable for causing a wildfire.

· Wood and charcoal fires are permitted only in developed campgrounds and picnic grounds and within agency provided fire rings or camp stoves.

· Wood and charcoal fires are not permitted at Yellow Post campsites.

· Campfire permits are required for propane and gas stoves and lanterns used outside of all developed recreation sites.

· Recreational shooting is limited to Public Shooting Ranges operated under special use permit only, except those engaged in legal hunting.

· An approved spark arrester is required for any internal combustion engine operated on designated forest routes. These include chainsaws, generators, motorcycles, and off-highway vehicles.

· Smoking is limited to an enclosed vehicle or building, or within a Developed Recreation Site.

· Fireworks are always prohibited on the San Bernardino National Forest.

Call the local ranger station with any questions: (909) 382-2790.