Big Bear, Ca, May 3, 2011, 12:00pm – At last night’s meeting of the Big Bear City Community Services District, Director Rick Ollila shocked the crowd when he resigned from his post as CSD Director.  The announcement came as a surprise to both board members and attendees of the meeting.  Earlier today KBHR spoke with Ollila and received a statement about why he resigned.  (Listen to audio story below for quote)  Jeff Newsome, who presided over Mondays meeting from out of town via phone, was as surprised by Ollila’s resignation and told KBHR that  “after years of Ollilla, Day and McDonalds majority rule that he never considered taking his ball and going home.” He went on to express disappointment in Director Ollila’s resignation, but he is determined that the current remaining CSD board members will quickly reorganize without Ollila. There is no word yet on how the CSD board will fill the empty position left by Ollila.