Big Bear High School logoBig Bear, Ca, June 16, 2011, 3:00pm – Earlier this week KBHR reported that Big Bear High School had discovered an inappropriate picture in this year’s yearbook shortly after they began distribution.  High School staff immediately stopped distribution after learning about the picture, and has since requested that students bring their yearbook to the office to have the page containing the picture removed.  A replacement page has been ordered and will be given to students once it arrives.  On June 16th, the County of San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department released a press release to media outlets in San Bernardino about the situation, and described the picture as child pornography.  The Sheriff’s Department urges students who have not done so yet to take their yearbooks to high school staff to have it removed.  By not doing so students will be in possession of child pornography.  Public Information Officer for the Sheriff’s Department Cynthia Bachman told KBHR that if anyone has taken pictures of the picture, they are still in possession, and need to delete or destroy the images.  As of 2:30pm today the Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, USA Today, Sacramento Bee, and many other news organizations throughout California and the United States have picked up the story, and are reporting on it.  The Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident, and anyone with information regarding the investigation is urged to call (909) 866-0100.

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