Big Bear, Ca, April 26, 2011, 4:00pm – The Department of Water and Power, the Big Bear Municipal Water District and the City of Big Bear Lake City Council met on Monday April 25th to discuss the possible acquisition of the DWP by the MWD.   All three boards in attendance, along with staff members from the agencies, discussed the pro’s and cons of a possible acquisition.  According to Steve Foulkes, chairman of the DWP, the benefits would be streamlined government, savings to water rate payers, better valley wide representation, and an elected board who is responsible to its constituents.  Although not insurmountable, some of the problems, voiced by board members in attendance were the acquisition of the DWP’s debt, where the administration would be housed, and varying regional viewpoints.  In the end it was unanimous by all three boards and their members that this acquisition could be beneficial to the citizens of Big Bear, and requested that the MWD and DWP move in the direction of the MWD acquiring the DWP.    According to Mayor Jahn, “This acquisition is timed well, and is a result of leadership on the DWP, headed by Chairman Steve Foulkes, and the leadership of the MWD, and is an exciting time for everyone who lives in Big Bear.”

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