Big Bear Valley, CA — With the ice now melted from Big Bear Lake and the anticipation of the boat launch ramps re-opening on April 1st, fishing season is upon us. If you haven’t yet purchased your fishing license for the season, they are available from sporting goods stores at a cost of $41.50, cost for a second rod stamp on your license is $12.85, and $13.40 for a one-day license; and, as of this year’s new sport fishing regulations of the Department of Fish and Game, anglers are no longer required to display fishing licenses on outer clothing and above the waist, though it must be in their possession while fishing. Though the creeks are running now in the spring season, those with rod and reel in hand should know that it is illegal to fish in any tributaries leading to the lake; this is in effect through May 28, the Friday before Memorial Day. So, during this time, no fishing in the streams that lead to Metcalf Bay, Boulder Bay, Kid Cove or Grout Creek, or any other tributaries. According to local Department of Fish and Game warden Danny Stevenson, “The DFG and the Big Bear Municipal Water District have received a lot of complaints about people unlawfully taking fish in the streams around the Big Bear Lake area. The trout migrate up the tributaries in the springtime to spawn. Per the Fish and Game regulations, the yearly fishing closure is from March 1st through the Friday before Memorial Day. It is always unlawful to take fish by hand or using a net.” Those caught in the creeks harassing, fishing, catching by hand, or using nets to catch fish are subject to citation and/or arrest. Citizens can report violations to the DFG’s California tip line at 1-888-DFG-CALTIP.