Big Bear, CA, December 29, 2016 – Hundreds of thousands of visitors will travel to San Bernardino Mountain resorts this winter for recreation. The California Department of Transportation released survey data in June 2016 that shows nearly half of all motorists surveyed admit to sometimes littering along the state’s highways.

Yesterday, the Director of Caltrans District 8 joined San Bernardino County Supervisor (Second District) Janice Rutherford, the California Highway Patrol, the California Department of Forestry with support from the United States Forest Service, San Bernardino County Fire, Sheriff’s Department and County Public Works for a news conference to urge the public to keep trash inside their vehicles and dispose of it in the proper place – NOT along mountain roadsides or on private property. Hundreds of pounds of litter and debris was was collected along State Routes 18, 38, and 330 after the Christmas holiday and snow storm.

The CHP and Sheriff Departments will be looking for litter bugs while on patrol. Fines for littering can cost up to $1,000, but the long-term damage to the forest and waterways can last a lifetime. Please help keep the mountains beautiful and stop litter before it happens! Here are some ways you can help:

• Bring trash bags with you and keep litter and cigarette butts in your car until you can dispose of them properly.

• Recycle bottles and cans and take them with you.

• Don’t leave broken snow toys behind.

• Never throw anything in lakes, streams or waterways.

• Use the restroom before traveling – traffic congestion and long delays are in store during high volume weekends. It might be awhile before you can get to a public restroom.

• Discard dirty diapers in trash receptacles.

• Don’t play in the snow on private property or non-designated areas – use the designated snow play areas provided – get the USFS Adventure Pass to play in the forest.

• Don’t block snow plows or travel lanes with your vehicle to put chains on or park. It adds to congestion and emergency vehicles and work crews need access to keep everyone safe!

Travelers are encouraged to visit the mountains during winter months and Caltrans encourages you to be the example to keep litter in its place. Please be courteous and concerned for the environment and the future we leave our children.