earthquake-thumb1Given the, now, countless number of small earthquakes centered in the Salton Sea area just south of Indio this week, a threat still exists for a major earthquake to take place on the San Andreas Fault—perhaps of a 7.0 magnitude or greater, though this risk is reduced with each passing day. In a conversation with San Bernardino County Fire Chief Pat Dennen, who is also one of six regional disaster coordinators for all of California, he tells KBHR, “This is just a wakeup call. We live in one of the most disaster-prone counties in the country, and things can happen at any time. The message to the public right now is that they should be prepared.” In addition to having an emergency supplies kit, a family disaster plan, and enough food and water for three days in the case of a large-scale earthquake, Chief Dennen offers some other, simple steps that households should take. “It’s all just common sense,” he says, “but, visually, observe your home. Make sure there isn’t a cupboard or something that could block the door; make sure you have cash at hand, because the ATMs might not work; and have good shoes around, in case there’s broken glass after an earthquake.” For more information on disaster preparedness, visit the website of the County’s Office of Emergency Services.