Big Bear, Ca, March 24, 2011, 12:00pm – On a special invitation from The North Face and the new national park of Tantuaco on the southern tip of Chile’s Island of Patagonia, Team Sole comprised of Big Bear local Paul Romero and Slater Fletcher, competed in a four day adventure race representing the United States.  The four day race pushed teams to the limit, having them cross 250 miles of terrain by way of bicycle, kayak, and by foot trekking through thick bush that on average took teams one hour to get through one kilometer of terrain.  On the first day of the race, team navigator Romero made a navigation error that put the team into 8th place at the end of the first stage by over 5 hours, what at the time seemed to be “a nearly insurmountable deficit in this format of racing.”  After four days of navigation, running, bushwhacking, kayaking and mountain biking, Team Sole was able to push all the way to 1st place overall, winning with a 2 hour lead over the entire field.  For more on Team Sole’s adventures visit