Big Bear, Ca, July 5, 2011, 8:00am – Team Jordan, comprised of 14-year-old Jordan Romero, his father Paul and step mom Karen Lundgren, recently started their B.I.G Tour, which stands for Butt In Gear.  The team who has been climbing the highest peaks in the world since Jordan was 10 years old, and who summitted Mount Everest last spring, kicked off their 50 states tour, in which they will climb the highest peaks in all of the 50 states.  The Butt In Gear Tour as they call it is supposed to encourage kids, and adults to get off the couch and get outside and climb, paddle, bike, run, or anything that involves being active!  The team traveled to the east coast where they checked off the highest peaks in Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.  The team has already climbed the highest peaks in California, Arizona, Washington, and Denali in Alaska, which is also one of the peaks the team climbed in the quest for the seven summits.  After visiting the east coast, the team traveled to Winterpark, Colorado for the No Barriers Summit.  No Barriers is an organization that promotes innovative ideas, approaches, and assistive technologies, which help people with disabilities push through their own personal barriers to live full and active lives.  Karen, Paul and Jordan went on a hike with summit attendees, some of which were blind, were amputees, or had other physical or neurological disorders.  Paul commented that he was amazed with the people who participated.  He was especially impressed and humbled by 25 year old Kyle Maynard, who from birth has been a quad amputee.  Maynard is currently training to climb Mount Kilamanjaro on his own, and is doing so with “no barriers.”  Team Jordan told KBHR that No Barriers “is an organization that offers hope to people who have disabilities, it brings together with solutions with people who need assistance,” said Karen Lundgren.  “People get the opportunity to do sports, who never thought they could.”    For more information of Team Jordan’s next move in their 50 states tour go to