Team Jordan Romero has not yet posted photos from atop Everest, but here is Jordan on an earlier descent on the mountain.

It worked out well that this week’s snowstorm fell on Sunday, rather than on Friday, when the Amgen Tour of California rolled through the Big Bear Valley, bringing us worldwide coverage as the professional cycling race, ultimately won by Michael Rogers of HTC-Columbia, was viewed in over 200 countries. Also putting Big Bear on the map over the weekend was the amazing effort by Team Jordan Romero, who summited Mt. Everest on May 22, or Friday night our time, which was all the buzz at the post-Amgen festivities in the Village.
In the most recent update from 13-year-old Jordan Romero, dad Paul Romero and Karen Lundgren, they posted: “When we arrived, we had the entire north face to ourselves, just our team. Near excellent conditions, light snow falling, and a pace and efficiency above what we could have expected. Everything went as planned. So it’s all true, everything you’ve seen and read. Jordan not only climbed Mt. Everest, but he climbed with unbelievable strength and skill. When we arrived, here’s what Jordan said: ‘Hello Mom, it’s your son calling from the top of the world, everything’s OK. I did it.’” This, they note, as Jordan shielded himself from the wind at 29,035 feet. Right now the team is back at “the relative warmth and comfort” of Everest’s Advanced Base Camp at 21,000 feet. Congratulations to Jordan, Paul and Karen on their amazing feat! (For background on Team Jordan Romero’s record-breaking Everest quest, click on the “Jordan Romero” tab at the bottom of this story.)