Big Bear's Jordan Romero on Mt. Everest at 23,000'

Team Jordan Romero is continuing their progress, as they move closer to the summit of Mt. Everest and ready for their final ascent to the 29,029′ peak which, once achieved, will make 13-year-old Jordan Romero the youngest person ever to reach the tallest peak in the world! In a call home to Big Bear this morning (May 20), Jordan says that they are safely at Camp 2, which is at an elevation of 24,750′. In the morning, which will be nighttime for us (15 hours behind China time), Jordan, dad Paul Romero and Karen Lundgren, along with two sherpas, make the climb for Camp 3, the fifth of five camps on Everest and at an elevation of 27,390′. From Camp 3, the trio makes the final ascent for the peak in what will be a 15-hour round-trip day, using oxygen every step of the way. In his call home, according to his mom LeighAnne Drake, Jordan mentioned that it had been windy on Everest, but all were doing great and were excited for the next move. As noted by Jordan earlier this week, “I feel in some way I have succeeded in just getting this far but, on the other hand, I am drawn to do something great. Know that it comes from my heart. I hope I make you all proud.” (For background on Jordan and progress on the Mt. Everest adventure, click on the “Jordan Romero” tab at the bottom of this story; stories posted prior to 2009 are accessible in the KBHR News Archives.)