Team Jordan Romero, in a photo taken a few days ago, en route to Advanced Base Camp on Everest.

Thirteen-year-old climber Jordan Romero, an eighth grader at Big Bear Middle School, is continuing his journey en route to the peak of Mt. Everest at 29,029’. He and his climbing partners, dad Paul Romero and Karen Lundgren, are acclimating to the altitude, as they and their team of sherpas and yaks are now at 21,000’ and making progress in their effort to summit what will be their seventh of the highest peaks in the world. In a phone call to KBHR, received overnight, here is what Jordan had to say, “Hello, this is Team Jordan Romero calling you from Everest Advanced Base Camp at 21,000 feet. Things have gone smoothly lately. It’s been super nice weather. We’re expecting a little bit of snow, but that shouldn’t hold us back. We’re expected to go up to the high camps in 20 hours. Everything has gone really nice, and super stoked about the climb. Thank you all so much for the support.” For background and updates on Jordan’s amazing journey which, when achieved, will make him the youngest person ever to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, click on the “Jordan Romero” link at the bottom of this story.

Big Bear Lake and Fawnskin resident Jordan Romero half-way across the world, along with Lama Karma Sherpa, and "the Big E" behind them.