Big Bear, Ca, January 6, 2011, 12:00pm – The 2010 census has come and gone and due to its findings, new district lines were drawn in 2011.  Due to redistricting, all advisory boards in San Bernardino County were vacated, and have since been reinstated.  The Sugarloaf Municipal Advisory Council, which focuses on the roads within the Sugarloaf area was reinstated with Marge McDonald, David Rosenthal, David Strandberg, Bob Ybarra, and Leonard Chaidez being appointed to the commission.  According to Supervisor Neil Derry’s Chief of Staff George Watson, the commissioners are selected based off of interest, and involvement in the commission in prior years.  Watson also told KBHR that the positions are not compensated, and that they do not make decisions for the roads within Sugarloaf, however they do advise the board on what needs improvement.  According to Bob Ybarra, Sugarloaf residents all pay a fee on their tax roll to cover maintaining the roads, and this commission allows Sugarloaf residents to voice their concerns regarding the roads, signs, and snow plowing. The commission meets quarterly, and will have their first meeting of the year on January 14th at 10:00am at the Sugarloaf Fire Station, and the public is welcome to attend.