bblcity-thumb1Key representatives of the City of Big Bear Lake and the Department of Water and Power met this morning, to discuss an amendment to the city charter, 20some years later, that would allow all DWP customers, rather than only those in Big Bear Lake, to apply to serve on the DWP Board of Commissioners. Though the meeting included discussion by DWP Chairman (and past City Councilmember) Steve Foulkes, City Councilmember (and past mayor and DWP Commissioner) Rick Herrick, DWP General Manager Joel Dickson and City CFO Kathleen Smith, public participation was welcomed at the meeting. The four representing the Charter Amendment Sub-Committee, accompanied by the city attorney (though City Manager Jeff Mathieu was not in attendance), opted to move forward with the amendment allowing all DWP customers, including those serviced in Sugarloaf and Fawnskin, to be eligible for appointment; this item will next go before City Council, which will determine whether or not to place the charter amendment on the November 2010 ballot for vote by Big Bear Lake residents. When those members of the public in attendance were asked to indicate their support, or displeasure, with the motion, all but one gave Herrick the thumbs up; the other gave a sideways thumb.
The DWP Board will convene tomorrow morning, for their regular meeting, which takes place at the DWP offices at 41972 Garstin Drive at 9am. Given the pending retirement of Administrative Manager Diane Muir, the customer accounts department staffing plan is on tomorrow morning’s DWP agenda.