Eight snow days have been called this school year--first on December 7, and then during the January dumping, which brought us five feet of snow.

Today (March 4) is a minimum day for students at Big Bear Middle School and all three elementaries, to allow for teachers’ strategic planning on this and every Thursday afternoon. And, as far as student attendance, parents are reminded that all Bear Valley Unified schools will be in session through the end of March, and into April. The dates of March 29 through April 2 are on the school calendar as snow makeup days and, given the eight snow days used so far this school year, student attendance will be expected that week, with official Spring Break for BVUSD students on April 5 through 9. As Superintendent Dr. Nancy Wright mentioned to KBHR earlier, “We have eight snow days built in to the calendar, so we hope families will plan to send their children to school during that last week in March, which we have calendared as snow makeup days, so that we receive the ADA funding that will allow us to continue important programs at BVUSD. Official Spring Break is April 5 through the 9th, so those are five spring break days, plus the weekend before and the weekend after.” An official statement on the snow makeup days, posted on the school district’s website, notes that snow makeup days “will be counted as regular student attendance days and all the same attendance rules and state laws apply to students being in school. It is important that your student attend school on those days in the same way they would on any other day. The week of April 5 through 9 is the official Spring Break and these dates will not be affected, even in the event of additional snow days.” Those with questions on the school calendar are asked to contact the principal at your child’s school site.
BVUSD school phone numbers
Baldwin Lane Elementary School: 585-7766
Big Bear Elementary School: 866-4638
Fallsvale Elementary School: 794-8630
North Shore Elementary School: 866-7501
Big Bear Middle School: 866-4634
Big Bear High School: 585-6892
Chautauqua High School: 585-2521