Big Bear Valley, CA — Since about 8pm last night, Easter Sunday, Big Bear Valley residents may have experienced dimming in their lights and other electric-powered items. Ken Markling, Operations Manager for Bear Valley Electric Service, says that we can blame this on the wind, which is affecting electric lines of Southern California Edison in the Holcomb Valley area. As Markling explains to KBHR, “Nothing is happening in the Valley, there are no troubles with our facilities, other than the dimming, which is due to problems that Southern California Edison is having in the Holcomb Valley area. That’s where one of their two circuits coming into the Valley traverses. It’s a parallel source to the Valley, and when it is affected and when it goes off and on, it affects the other line coming up here, and we see it as dimming, as opposed to the lights going out altogether.” Southern California Edison crews are addressing the problem, which has resulted in losses of power for their limited number of customers in the Holcomb Valley area, which also includes the dump in Baldwin Lake, which is just inside the border of Edison’s Victorville service area. Markling adds that the dimming of power for Bear Valley Electric customers is not something they can repair. “These are pretty severe dims,” he says, “upsetting clocks and computers, but it’s really just severe dimming every time that the Edison line has a hiccup.” High winds are expected through 10pm tonight, given a High Wind Warning issued by the National Weather Service.