Big Bear Valley, CA, April 25, 2014 – Earth Day may be officially past, but the “Don’t Trash California” campaign is still on, reminding motorists along state highways to stash their trash. Caltrans District 8 has spent over $6 million so far in this fiscal year cleaning up over 7,200 highway lane miles in the Inland Empire. If the state highways could remain litter free, these funds could instead be spent on highway maintenance like pothole repair. Another incentive is avoiding the $1,000 fine for littering, which applies even to cigarette butts thrown out the window.

Caltrans utilizes a variety of litter removal programs in San Bernardino county, including work release programs, one-day clean ups by local groups and agencies, and  Adopt-a-Highway. Big Bear residents can join the Adopt-A-Highway Program to maintain sections of roadway within our community. Besides beautifying the area and preventing plastics and other pollutants from entering our waterways, adopters will have their contributions recognized on a highway sign. Caltrans provides all supplies and safety training.

Available adoption sites in the Big Bear area:

·         East bound 18 post mile 48.0 to 50.0- Mill Creek Road to Crane Drive
·         West bound 18 pm 50.0 to 48.0- Crane Drive to Mill Creek Road
·         West bound 18 pm 52.0 to 50.0- Stanfield Cutoff to Crane Drive
·         East bound 38 pm 40.0 to 42.0- Onyx Road to before Balky Horse Cyn Road
·         West bound 38 pm 42.0 to 40.0- Before Balky Horse Cyn Road to Onyx Road
·         West bound 38 pm 44.0 to 46.0- Lake William/Lakewood Drive to just past Hatchery Road
·         East bound 38 pm 46.0 to 44.0- Before Hatchery Road to Lakewood Drive
·         West bound 38 pm 58.0 to 59.4- Almost a mile after Pine Hill Drive to the Big Bear Dam