daffodils-thumbThough this weekend’s temperatures won’t reach 70º as had been the case earlier this week, it is gardening season in the Big Bear Valley, according to the experts at Eminger’s Mountain Nursery and Hunter’s Nursery. According to Annett Campos of Hunter’s, “Right now is a good time to plant, because you can work the soil. Now is a good time for bulbs, such as Dahlias, Day Lilies and Iris starter plants, to produce summer colors.” Adds Eminger’s Shelly Egan, “It is good to plant certain things right now because the soil is moist, and it’s easy to dig a hole, so planting acclimated trees and shrubs would be good now, to take advantage of the spring moisture. While there are some annual flowers that it is too soon to plant, some can be planted now, such as Pansies, Violas, Snap Dragons, and Johnny Jump-Ups. It’s also a good time to start cold, hearty perennials, such as Columbine, Oriental Poppies and Dead Nettle (which is a horrible name, but a beautiful plant!). You want to wait until after the proverbial Mothers’ Day frost to plant more tender things, such as vegetables.” If unsure what flowers are ready for the Big Bear planting season, Campos says, “If you can’t get it at your local nursery, that’s because we’re not ordering it until the weather stabilizes. When you see your nurseries blossoming with color, that’s the time to plant.” For more gardening advice, you can visit our local nurseries; Hunter’s is located at 42132 Fox Farm Road, just east of the Boulevard, and Eminger’s is across the street from Denny’s in Big Bear Lake at 41223 Big Bear Boulevard.