The front grade of Highway 18 remains closed this morning, from the Big Bear Dam to the Snow Valley area. The A.J. Acosta Company has been clearing snow from Monday’s avalanches since Monday afternoon, and have been working ’round the clock. In a conversation with Andy Acosta this morning, he tells KBHR: “We ran into some safety issues yesterday, because of ledges of snow from some partial avalanches, and that snow is now falling into the road as the temperatures come up.” So, though the Arctic Circle portion of the road did not open yesterday as hoped, Acosta says they will continue with snow removal from Glory Ridge to Lakeview Point today, in hopes of a re-opening of Highway 18 later today, possibly this afternoon. Adds Acosta, “This is the 14th time I’ve opened this road in 31 years. We are working five machines as fast as we can to get it done. We’re going to get this dug out and get this community rolling, because so many people depend on this road.” CalTrans road maintenance and safety officials will make the official determination as to when Highway 18 will re-open to motorists but, again, the Acosta Company is working diligently to make that possible today. Update: Highway 18 is, per CalTrans, scheduled to be re-opened at 1pm today (February 11).