Big Bear, Ca, October 11, 2010, 8:00am – San Bernardino County Fire Department officials urge families to ensure each of their household smoke detectors is in good working order and that a supply of extra batteries is always on hand.  “We see the benefits when smoke detectors work, and the dangers when they don’t,” says County Fire spokesperson Ryan Beckers.  According to the National Fire Prevention Association, the risk of dying in a fire is twice as high in a home without a working smoke alarm, and most people who perish in fires are not in the room where the fire starts.  Fire prevention specialists suggest changing the batteries in each detector throughout the house at the same time you change your household clocks to and from daylight savings times.  Following this schedule keeps your batteries changed every six months, which should ensure they’re fully charged in the event they’re called upon in an emergency.  For more information on this and other household fire safety information, go