earthquake-thumb1We had six small earthquakes centered in our area over the weekend, the first of which was centered four miles south southeast of Big Bear City at 3:22am on Saturday morning, November 14. Per the U.S. Geological Survey, the early morning tremor registered a magnitude of 1.3 and, eight minutes later, was followed by a 1.7 magnitude quake, also centered south southeast of Big Bear City. At 5:18am on Saturday morning, a 1.5 magnitude quake was centered five miles southeast of Big Bear Lake, and went to a depth of over 10 miles. We also had a small jolt on Sunday morning, as a 1.5 magnitude earthquake centered one mile northeast of Big Bear Lake occurred at 5:33am on the 15th, and registered a depth of 7.6 miles. Subsequent earthquakes, each centered a mile outside of Running Springs, registered a 1.5 magnitude yesterday at 10:36am and, as of 28 minutes after midnight, a 1.8 magnitude quake to start our November 16.