Big Bear Lake, CA, September 26,2011, 8:00am – The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has reinstated the Explorer Ride-Along Program after it was temporarily suspended several months ago. In late April, Sheriff Rod Hoops requested a full review and reconstruction of the Explorer Program and suspended the Ride-Along portion of the program. During the review process, Sheriff’s Volunteer Forces Division personnel met with all fifteen Explorer posts throughout the department, 216 Explorers and their parents participated by having an open dialogue about the program, their knowledge of the department policies and procedures, and the Learning for Life requirements. There was a clear need for education about the program and that was addressed by providing a coordinator handbook to each deputy and supervisor that is assigned to the program. An Explorer policy manual, and activity log book were designed to educate and track the interaction of each individual Explorer, and their time spent with the deputies. The Volunteer Forces Division prepared training and annual training is now mandatory for all Explorers, Parents and Coordinators. Each Explorer will be responsible for an activity log book and each activity or assignment must be approved by a parent, coordinator and Watch Commander. Additionally, each grading period every school age Explorer must submit a copy of their recent grades and must maintain a ‘C’ average. The Explorer Scout Program is sponsored by the Sheriff’s Department in cooperation with the Boy Scouts of America, and Learning for Life. The purpose of program is to provide young men and women of the community the opportunity to explore their interests and aptitudes in the field of law enforcement through on-the-job exposure. The Sheriff’s Explorer Program is composed of fifteen units, including one assigned to the Big Bear station. Each unit has a command structure that parallels the regular department.