Big Bear, Ca, October 20, 2011, 12:00pm – Last week a resident of Big Bear city in the Shay Meadows area woke up at 2:00am, and noticed a person outside trying light a fire.  Deputies were called, but the suspect fled before they arrived, and as it was dark outside there is no description of the suspect.  Deputies found that the suspect had collected mail from cluster mailboxes in the Shay Meadows area, and attempted to light the mail on fire.  Some of the mail didn’t burn and was returned to owners.  The Big Bear Sheriffs department encourages residents with cluster mailboxes to collect their mail everyday, and to have mail held at the post office if you are going on Vacation.  The Sheriffs Department also added that residents leaving on Vacation can stop by the Sheriffs Department and fill out a form to have their home checked on while you are away.  This is a free service from the Citizens on Patrol, and they will drive by your home, and walk the perimeter of your home every day that you are gone on Vacation up to 30 days a year.  For more information on this service call the Sheriff’s Department at 866-0100