Though we received roughly eight inches of snow since Tuesday, Big Bear Boulevard was cleared for early risers on the road.

Big Bear Valley, CA — Yesterday’s Winter Storm Warning resulted in another eight inches of snowfall here in the Big Bear Valley, with totals at about 10 inches atop ski resorts Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, making for a seasonal snow total of over 100 inches for the Big Bear Valley! To put this in perspective, average snow accumulation totals for a season tend to be at about 62 inches, or just over five feet, and we are well over eight feet for 2009/2010—and we’re not done yet.
Given the additional snow, all CalTrans-issued chain requirements do remain in effect for all roads to, from and within the Big Bear Valley. R2 conditions are in place for local roads, as well as Highways 18, 38 and 330, so motorists in two-wheel drive vehicles are required to have chains on the drive wheels, four-wheel drive vehicles with snow tires on all four wheels are required to carry chains. For updates on this information, see the KBHR Big Bear Road Conditions page. Snow conditions do remain in effect, so no parking on city streets to allow for ongoing snowplow operations.
Despite the snow, Bear Valley Unified schools are in session today, though buses may be running a little behind schedule due to road conditions. BVUSD students have now had eight snow days this season, but, as for today (Wednesday), school is on.
And you know what more snow means, time to start shoveling. Once driveways and berms are attacked, residents are reminded to clear snow from gas and heating vents, roofs and, if so inclined, neighborhood fire hydrants and mailboxes.