budgetcut-thumb1School district staff will present budget cut suggestions to the Bear Valley Unified School District’s Board of Trustees in a public meeting to be held at 12:15pm today, at 42271 Moonridge Road. The presentation will be made by Superintendent Carole Ferraud and Director of Business Services Walter Con, given suggestions presented to the Budget Advisory Committee in three public meetings held earlier this month. Community and committee suggestions include the following: to reduce expenses in the areas of district conferences, fields improvement, high school athletic travel, and high school athletic instructional materials. Potential cuts suggested by the committee regarding staff include eliminating one school assistant, one instructional aide, one district classified position, and the reduction of hours for selected district office personnel. It was agreed during Budget Advisory Committee meetings that management personnel furloughs of two days a year could be implemented, as well as a reduction in Board of Trustees’ compensation. An adoption of budget cuts is expected at this afternoon’s meeting, as this is agendized as an action item.