Though the Board of Trustees for the Bear Valley Unified School District met last Friday and are scheduled to next meet at 12:15pm tomorrow, the budget cut situation for next year is not yet a done deal. In a conversation with Walter Con, the school district’s Director of Business Services, he tells KBHR, “Due to the overall fiscal uncertainty of the state, that same overall fiscal uncertainty is transferred to all school districts in the state. This will cause constant changes until the fiscal situation of the state is stabilized.” Potential budget cuts of roughly $130,000 for next school year have been adopted by the Board of Trustees, so these are in place should the financial situation remain unchanged. Some of those proposed, and adopted, cuts include a reduction to athletic budgets for both the high school and the middle school, the elimination of a few part-time classified staff members, a reduction in hours for a couple district office positions, and a one-day furlough for selected district office personnel. Con notes that the second interim financial report for BVUSD will be presented to, and adopted by, the school board on March 11.