In a press conference this evening at 8:37pm, Cindy Bachman, Information Officer with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, reported that no new information would be known on the Christopher Dorner investigation until tomorrow.  She stated that it is still unsafe to have investigators enter the cabin in Seven Oakes for discovery and could not confirm if a body is inside.  They believe that the person who car jacked a vehicle in Big Bear, engaged in gunfire with law enforcement, injuring one officer and killing another, is still believed to be inside that cabin, however, they cannot confirm that the suspect is that of Dorner.  Bachman would only confirm the information released earlier this afternoon that deputies responded to a report of a stolen vehicle.  The reporting party said the suspect who took their vehicle looked a lot like Dorner.  A ground and air search began for the stolen vehicle that was found in the mountain community of Seven Oaks at Hwy 38 and Glass Road.  The suspect, believed to be Dorner, fled on foot and barricaded himself in a cabin.  The suspect and law enforcement engaged in gunfire and SWAT teams arrived on scene.  Bachman said that the area is a large crime scene to process and complete this job tonight.  It is expected that more information will be released tomorrow.