sanbernardino-thumb1Rebuilding Mountain Hearts and Lives, the mountain-area non-profit resource center, will be able to continue assistance to those affected by 2007’s Slide and Grass Valley Fires, given an agenda item before the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors this morning (June 23). If approved by Supervisors in their 10am meeting, a $30,000 allocation from the County’s 2008/2009 Board Elective Projects Budget will support RMHL in providing coordinated assistance to those affected by the fires. County Supervisors had earlier granted fire permit and construction permit waivers to homeowners affected by the Slide and Grass Valley Fires and, as outlined in another agenda item for today’s meeting, these waived fees in the amount of $8,515 will be compensated to the San Bernardino County Fire Department from the County’s General Fund.