Olympic Marathoner Ryan Hall Training in Big Bear

Olympian Ryan Hall Training in Big Bear

Big Bear Lake, CA April 26, 2012, 8:00am – The 41st day is a documentary about Olympic marathon runner Ryan Hall and his incredible journey.  It is currently being filmed and will continue through the London Summer Olympics beginning the last week of July. With less than 100 days to go the excitement for these games is beginning to grow along with the momentum to complete this documentary.  But additional support is needed to fund this effort and that is where his friends, family and running fans are lending a hand by pledging money to the effort.  The 41str day and it’s maker Tim Jeffreys from Halls training location of Flagstaff has a self described passion for running.  Both Tim and Ryan believe this film will not only entertain runners but will also draw in non-runners to the power struggle and triumph.

In the words of Jefferys; “Ryan Hall is the fastest marathon runner in American history. His consistency is only matched by legends of the sport. In order to go down as the best, however, Ryan needs to do something that has eluded him his whole career – win an international marathon. This August, Ryan will try to do that in the biggest race of his life, the 2012 Olympic Marathon. He will take on the dominant east Africans and the rest of the world in a race that is being billed as the toughest and fastest in Olympic history. Ryan isn’t the ordinary runner, though. While competitors prepare in training groups under the systematic care of coaches and advisors, Ryan runs alone.  Practicing what he calls faith-based coaching, he relies exclusively on the direction of his faith to dictate his training, an unprecedented and often scrutinized approach in the world of distance running”. “For me, running is an art more than a science,” says Ryan. “One can’t argue with his results up to this point, but will his faith be enough to take him to the top?” says Jefferys.

The funding method is no less remarkable as it’s being done through a website called kick-starter and is linkable through Big Bear News where a short movie tease can be seen.  To date nearly 700 people have pledged nearly $50,000.00 but according to the movie maker, Tim Jefferys, $75,000.00 is needed in order to secure the actual Olympic film rights to this summer’s marathon.  As part of the websites fund raising efforts Ryan thanks everyone who has contributed and welcomes other pledges.

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