If you think it’s brisk out there today, imagine having to spend the night in these elements, which included snow and plenty of wind overnight. The Mancini family of Running Springs did just this, when an off-roading adventure off Highway 330 yesterday afternoon went awry. Jerry Mancini, wife Nicole, 4-year-old son Vinny, and cousin Nick had been off-roading in their truck yesterday afternoon, when twice the truck got stuck in difficult terrain and snow, and none of their three cell phones got reception. As Jerry tells KBHR, “We had five crackers to our name and two sodas. We all tried to huddle up with the dog in the back of the truck.” This morning, the Mancinis moved to a different location and, in the 8am hour, were able to get cell phone reception and call 911—in about an hour’s time, a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department search and rescue helicopter retrieved them, and brought them to the Big Bear City Airport. “They were fast,” says Nicole, who is a diabetic. “I’m just in awe that we got out of there. It is a blessing.” Upon their arrival to Big Bear, the dog was taken to a nearby animal shelter while the family enjoyed breakfast, compliments of the Barnstorm Restaurant. While waiting for Jerry’s dad to come pick them, and the dog, up and return them to Running Springs, the Mancinis had time to reflect. Notes Jerry, “It was a trip. If we didn’t have cell phone reception, we’d still be out there. But we made it, and that’s what matters.” And, before they venture off road again, Nicole says they will be better prepared; as she advises to others now, “If you’re going off-roading, have a shovel, GPS, blankets, food, water and a map—or, if you see snow, turn around!”