roadworksign-thumbMotorists can expect additional delays if traveling down the front way, on Highways 18 and 330 today. On Monday, CalTrans began a 30-day pavement rehabilitation project on Highway 18 which, in addition to delays of 15 to 20 minutes at the Big Bear Dam, will also include pilot car escorts between Lakeview Point on Arctic Circle and the junction of Highway 330 in Running Springs. It is estimated that wait time over this portion of Highway 18, which passes Snow Valley, could be up to 20 minutes. As for Highway 330, CalTrans is doing a one-day patchwork project so though no delays are expected, only one uphill lane will be available on Highway 330 today. There are no planned work projects on Highway 18 to Lucerne Valley or on Highway 38, so those routes should be without delay. Within the Big Bear Valley, there is continued flagging on Red Ant Hill, just west of the Village, to accommodate the city’s sidewalk installation project between Modoc Drive and Mill Creek Road.